On popular demand we bring to you this article on Current Affairs GD Topics 2016. As the year moves ahead, we will keep updating this article with more and more relevant Current Affairs GD Topics 2016. We will also be coming up with the detailed articles on these topics in due course.

Current Affairs GD Topics 2016

Current Affairs GD Topics 2016

Business, Banking and Economy

  1. BREXIT Impact on Indian Economy 
  2. India’s Entry to MTCR 
  3. How to Deal with high Oil Prices and impact on Indian common man
  4. Is Consumer really the king in India?
  5. Is Rio Olympic the reflection of growing women empowerment in India
  6. Impact of GST on Indian economy and common man
  7. Government Pumping Money into the Economy is not the Solution for our Economic Problems
  8. Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?
  9. Use of Force by Banks to Recover Loans
  10. Will Reliance Jio be a sustainable business model in a country like India?
  11. Private Participation in Infrastructure is Highly Desirable
  12. Why can’t India be a World-Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT & BPO Sectors?
  13. We Need More Entrepreneurs than Managers
  14. Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan?
  15. Do we really need Smart Cities?
  16. Should India allow Net Neutrality?
  17. Should “Fat Tax” be imposed all over India?
  18. Your view on acquisition of Yahoo – A critical analysis
  19. Content on Internet should be censored
  20. Should celebrities be held responsible for misguiding messages of advertisements 
  21. Balochistan: Is it India’s carrot and stick policy or simply a new paradigm shift in Indo Pakistan relation
  22. How effective has been NITI Ayog?
  23. How is Technology impacting the Banking sector
  24. Is PayTM a threat to Public Sector Banks? 
  25. Is criminilization of using Torrent websites justified?
  26. How justified is the merger of SBI Associates and then the proposed consolidation of SBI banks
  27. Is 100% FDI in Defense Sector good for country?


  1. Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being Employed in the Corporate World?
  2. The Rush for MBA is really a Rush for Big Money
  3. Are Ethics just Business Pretence?
  4. Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?
  5. Is Management an Art or a Science?
  6. Retention of Employees
  7. Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising?
  8. The education system needs serious reforms
  9. If Winning isn’t everything, why do they Keep the Score?
  10. E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?
  11. Should Management education be subsidized
  12. EQ or IQ – What’s important to be successful

General, Abstract and Creative Topics

  1. A Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms
  2. Food comes first, then the ethics
  3. Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus
  4. The Wheel is Turning Round and Round
  5. Up the Down Staircase
  6. Paternity Leave – Need or a Paid Holiday?
  7. Censorship in Movies & Our Culture
  8. Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth
  9. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  10. Is India a Soft Nation?
  11. Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings – Which is better at Work?
  12. Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day
  13. Is Banning Beef justified?
  14. Should same gender sex be criminalized
  15. Every cloud has a silver lining