1. Who has been conferred with the Asian Athletics Association President Award?

[A]Suresh Kalmadi

[B]Lalith Soori


[D]Sharad Pawar

2.Which is the most common chemical used in cloud seeding?

[A]Potassium bromide

[B]Silver iodide

[C]Potassium chloride

[D]Magnesium iodide 

3. . Which of the following cities has been named as the World Book Capital for 2017?





4. . Which country is the biggest contributor to recently agreed BRICS currency reserve pool?





5. Which country will chair the 2016-BRICS summit?



[C]South Africa


6. In June, 2015, World Health Organisation has declared India free of which disease?

[A]Japanese Encephalitis

[B]Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus



7.Which of the following has been named world’s largest public work scheme?





8. Which city is the venue for the 2016 SAARC Literature Festival?





9.On which date, World Ocean Day is observed?

[A]June 6

[B]June 8

[C]June 10

[D]June 12

10. In 2014, which country has emerged as world’s biggest oil producer?

[A]Saudi Arabia




1.A      2.B      3.A       4.C      5.A       6.B       7.A        8.A        9.B      10.B

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