1.Which of the following segments would be required to take prior RBI nod for change in shareholding and acquisition?

[A]Commercial Banks


[C]Venture Capitalist firms

[D]All of the above

2. Which of the following countries is not a part of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the signing ceremony of which was recently held?



[C] South Korea

[D]  China

3. _______________and KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM), a rural management wing of KIIT University in Bhubaneswar, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for taking up several educational initiatives towards skill development, knowledge, and financial literacy.

[A] Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

[B]Bombay Stock Exchange

[C]Magadh Stock Exchange

[D]National Stock Exchange

4. Who was recently appointed as president of Qualcomm India ?

[A]Avneesh Agrawal

[B] John S. Chen

[C] Sunil Lalvani

[D] Sanjiv Mehta

5. Which of the following companies has Mahindra Defence signed a deal to manufacture military helicopters in India ?


[B] Eurocopter Group

[C] Airbus Helicopters

[D] Sikorsky Aircraft

6. Who is the author of the book “Enoch, I am a British Indian”?

[A]Kathy Acker

[B] Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

[C] Sarinder Joshua Duroch

[D] Abiola Abrams

7. Who authored the famous book The Indian Struggle ?

[A] V.D. Savarkar

[B] Mahatma Gandhi

[C] Abul Kalam Azad

[D] Subhash Chandra Bose

8. As per the joint statement issued by the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan after the meeting between the PMs of the two countries in Ufa in July, the NSAs of the two countries will meet in near future. Who is India’s current NSA?

[A] J N Dixit

[B] Brajesh Mishra

[C] Shivshankar Menon

[D] Ajit Doval

9. The Bimal Roy Memorial Award is associated with which of the following fields?


[B] Sports


[D]Science & Technology

10. Suniti Solomon, who in July 2015 at the age of 76, was known for

[A]Indian classical music

[B]  Tamil academician

[C] HIV research and support care

[D] First female judge in Tamil Nadu High Court


1.B      2.B      3.A       4.C        5.C     6.C     7.D      8.D     9.A     10.C

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