1. In Indus Valley Civilization ruins dockyard was found at

a) Banihal

b) Lothal

c) Kalibangan

d) Ropar


2. ‘Khalsa’ was founded by

a) Guru Teg Bahadur

b) Guru Arjun Singh

c) Guru Gobind Singh

d) Guru Ram Das


3. Who can preside but cannot vote in one of the houses of Parliament

a) Speaker

b) Vice President

c) Deputy Speaker

d) Vice Chairman


4. Attorney General holds office

a) For life

b) For 6 years

c) As long as parliament allows

d) During the pleasure of President


5. Money bill can be introduced

a) In rajya sabha only

b) In lok sabha only

c) In any of the house

d) Only by the prime minister


6. Which of the following is main ingredient of cement?

a) Gypsum

b) Lime stone

c) Clay

d) Ash


7. Which part of the brain controls fine movements, maintains balance and equilibrium of the body and muscle tone

a) Cerebellum

b) Hypothalamus

c) Thalamus

d) Cerebrum


8. ‘’Lira’’ is the currency of

a) Thailand

b) Malaysia

c) Turkey

d) Sri Lanka


9. With which game Aditya Joshi is associated

a) Badminton

b) Tennis

c) Archery

d) Shooting


10. Which of the following committees suggested initiatives on Revisiting & Revitilizing PPP Model

a) Dinesh Pachori

b) Arun Pasricha

c) Vijay Kelkar

d) Deepak Mohanty


11. Which state has been declared as the India’s first fully organic state whose agricultural land was gradually converted to certified organic land

a) Manipur

b) Nagaland

c) Sikkim

d) Assam


12. Which team clinched 2015-2016 Vijay Hazare Trophy

a) Delhi

b) Jharkhand

c) Gujrat

d) Tamil nadu


13. Which of the following team has won 205 Pro Wrestling League

a) Uttar Pradesh Warriors

b) Bangluru Yodhas

c) Mumbai Garuda

d) Haryana hammers


14. What percent of FDI is allowed in coffee plantation in India

a) 49%

b) 51%

c) 70%

d) 100%


15. Which day is celebrated as World Science Day

a) 6 november

b) 8 november

c) 10 november

d) 12 november




1. b 6. b 11. c
2. c 7. a 12. c
3. b 8. c 13. c
4. d 9. a 14. d
5. b 10. c 15. c