We have observed that many of the students get confused between MAT and ATMA, and start treating the exams interchangeably. However, there are differences between ATMA and MAT and in this article we bring to you the detailed Difference between MAT and ATMA.

difference between MAT and ATMA

Difference between MAT and ATMA

Exam Schedule

ATMA is held only once a year, in the month of May. MAT is held four times a year, in the months of February, May, September & December. 

Colleges Accepting MAT and ATMA Score

A larger number of management institutes, almost 3 to 4 times, participates in MAT (426 management institutes as in MAT) compared to ATMA (134 management institutes). Exact number of institutes participating in these exams may vary a bit year on year, but approximately numbers remain similar. 

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Exam Pattern 

Exam pattern of ATMA consists of Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills and Analytical Reasoning sections. Same sections also consists exam pattern of MAT, with Verbal Skills being called as Language Comprehension, Quantitative Skills being called as Mathematical Skills and Analytical Reasoning section broken up as Data Analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence/Critical Reasoning. Besides these three common sections, there is an extra section in MAT: Indian and Global Environment; which is nothing but General Knowledge and Current Affairs. 

There are 180 questions to be solved in 180 minutes in ATMA Exam, whereas in MAT Exam, you have 200 questions to be solved in 150 minutes. This makes MAT much more of a speed based test as compared to ATMA where you get 1 minute per question to solve on an average. However, both the exams have sectional time limits too.

However, at higher level, you need same preparation for both the exams, GK being an extra section in MAT.

Which one is Tougher? ATMA or MAT?

This would vary from individual to individual, depending on his strength/weakness in the main exam sections of Verbal, Quantitative & Analytical Reasoning. However from the analysis of exam pattern of MAT & ATMA, it is found that more time is available to candidates of ATMA in Verbal section (50 sec compared to 45 sec in MAT) and also in Analytical section (60 sec compared to 50 sec in MAT). However, these timings are approximate only, just to give you some idea on time per section.

Besides above, in MAT, you have to appear in the extra section of “Indian and Global Environment” for which you need some extra preparation.

We hope the above article helped you in understanding MAT and ATMA in a better way!

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