Digital Marketing Scope is a very broad term. For some people, it is about using the digital landscape to assist in marketing and to others, it is all about marketing effectively in the digital world. No matter what your definition is, the fact that the world of marketing is going through a digital transformation, is a constant. The world has embraced this change and India is trying to catch up, at its own pace. Digital Marketing is slowly getting the traction in business and marketing communities as it deserves. In this article, we bring to you the Digital Marketing Scope and opportunities in India.

Embrace the Digital Marketing Scope

  1. Hyper Empowered Customer

Here is where the power is today: user-generated content, reviews, and influencers.

Here is where the money is being spent today: advertising, agencies, campaigns.

This has to change.

Marketing changes very, very slowly. Even the biggest companies in this world, are spending on things that are slowly becoming obsolete.  For successful digital marketing transformation, it is important that the customer is placed in the centre point. With the expansion of the digital ecosystem, it is urgent to identify the shift of customers on digital platforms. To enhance the customer experience, it is important that the digital campaigns be more personalised. The challenge lies in identifying the digital needs of a customer and hence, understand the entire customer journey. Digital customers’ expectations and experiences influence digital transformation to a greater extent. Companies that are still using digital marketing as it was used in 2013. This needs to see a complete revamp on the part of the company.

       2. Virtual Spaces

Recently Facebook gave us a glimpse of what social media will look like in a virtual reality world with Facebook Spaces. It’s still crude and clunky but the platform also opens the door to transport us into immersive new experiences. I see this as just the first of a host of new immersive social platforms in our future. This trend is important for brands because our favourite applications like Facebook and Google lock us into a “relational bubble” based on our social connections and previous history with the platforms. So being exposed to anything new would be a filter fail and a real challenge to marketers. 

So, such experiences can be an opportunity to bring people out of these virtual bubbles and create an immersive experience. This could be a huge marketing opportunity, moving forward. Digital Marketing, thus, needs to be transformed and updated in the marketing meetings of the companies.

       3. Public to Private

Social Interaction is moving away from Public Spaces into Private Spaces. Facebook and Twitters of the world are still going strong, but do you really know where the real conversation takes place now? On Whatsapp of the world. Why did you think Facebook bought Whatsapp or launched messenger as a separate app? Because it has now become a gold mine of data and information and Facebook owns it. How exciting! 

The open rate of emails is around 20%, in the recent times, because with Gmail able to segregate emails now, most promotional emails go unnoticed and untouched. Waste of an opportunity right? But, private messages have an open rate of 98%, people will open their private messaging apps. So, if you are the marketing branch of a company be prepared to generate push notifications for Whatsapp and Messenger, because 9 out of 10 times, people will read it. Digital Marketing will see a new age, once companies identify the potential of this “Gold Mine”. Digital Marketing Transformation is a route, which would eventually make this pit stop. And, yeah while we are on it, Be cool and crafty and Not creepy.

This is just a glimpse into the future of marketing, rather the future of Digital Marketing because gone are the days when Digital Marketing was the future of marketing because it is now the present and if you want to survive the race, adopt the change as soon as you can.

This also opens up a huge pool of opportunities for aspirants who want to take up digital marketing as a profession, especially in India, because since the growth is slow, the industry is highly undermanned. So buckle up and prepare yourself for the future.

If you are convinced with the Digital Marketing Scope and you want to start, this is where you start. Learn from the people who sit atop the mountain of Digital Marketing.