With SBI PO Mains Exam few days away, we bring to you in this article the list of SBI PO Mains Expected Essay Topics 2016. We earlier brought to you 10 Day Study Plan for SBI PO Mains GK.

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Expected Essay Topics 2016 

6 Most important topics – do prepare them for the exam.

  • Brexit ( UK withdrawal from the EU). What will be the Impact on India Economy?
  • Role of Small & Payment Banks in Financial Inclusion?
  • How a Bankruptcy Code could improve the Financial Inclusion?
  • Mobile Technology – Growing Trend in Banking Industry – Benefits for Customers
  • Digitalization: The Next Revolution
  • How Make in India will boost Indian economy

Other Important topics

  • How justified is imposing Swachh Bharat tax, taking Service tax to 15%
  • Is the delay in GST implementation impacting Indian economy
  • How Black Money recovery can help a country like India
  • Pros & cons of SBI Associate merging with parent SBI
  • Pros and Cons of 100% FDI in Defense Sector
  • Boost in tourism due to Visa on Arrival implementation
  • How Nationalized Banks has contributed to the growth of Economy in India?
  • How NABARD is a boon to Indian Agricultural Sector?
  • Role of effective credit rating.
  • How far can a press have license to infringe in others privacy?
  • Pros and cons of allowing 10 year old children to open accounts.
  • Contribution of unskilled labour in Indian economy.

In addition to the above, revise all the topics of Descriptive English Paper, which you are getting in any SBI PO Mains Mock Test series you are enrolled in. If you are yet to enroll for any Mains mock test series, ENROLL HERE.

We wish you all good luck for SBI PO Mains – Feel free to shoot your queries.