After bringing to you Last Minute Tips for IBPS PO Prelims 2015, we now bring to you Few Hours to IBPS PO Prelims Tips to help you get motivated and determined to score high in IBPS PO Prelims and take a step closer to your dream IBPS Job. 

ibps po prelims

Few Hours to IBPS PO Prelims Tips

First take a deep breath and relax. In this difficult time a single negative thought will effect badly on your longtime hard work. Maintain your confidence level and don’t feel anxiety for the exam. Stay calm and be positive which will work like a sword in this battle.

Make your strategies for the exam and follow the same with positive attitude. Below we are providing some tips which you should follow before exam –

1. Take a proper sleep.

2. Be Confident – The more confident you are, the less exam stress you will experience.

3. Don’t touch new topics. Revise topics in which you are strong

4. Be on time in the examination hall

5. Before starting your exam follow this exercise –

(i) Close your eyes with a smile on your face

(ii) Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale – repeat this 10 times

(iii) Say to your soul that “you are here to perform only and you are happy to be here.”

This exercise will create a positive aura around you and helps you to perform well. Don’t think about the success or failure. Give your best.

Wish you all good luck for IBPS PO Prelims 2015. 

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