FMS Interview Experience: Final Selection round for FMS Admission 2019-21 will begin in the second week of April 2019. FMS Delhi Selection Criteria includes Group Discussion, Personal Interview, and Extempore speech. The GD-PI-Extempore round will be held at FMS University campus. The merit list after the final admission round will be based on CAT 2018 score, performance in GD-PI-Extempore, Academic profile. Final merit list of the selected candidates would be released by FMS Delhi immediately after the selection round in April 2019.

FMS Interview Experience

FMS Interview Process I

No. of Panelists: 3.

Average Duration: 20 minutes.

GD Topics

  • Has democracy hampered India’s growth?
  • Law should be an instrument for Social Change.
  • Law should be an instrument for Social Change.
  • Globalization is hampering/ destroying Indian culture.

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Duration: 10-15 seconds for thinking and 1-2 minutes for speaking.

Extempore Topics

  • Spirituality.
  • Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • A rose is a rose irrespective of the place where it comes from.
  • CSR.
  • Beauty pageants should be banned.

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FMS Interview

FMS Interview Panelists: 4.

Duration of FMS Interview: 20-25 minutes.

P1: Sit down, please.

C: Thank you, Ma’am.

P3: So Ramraj, Introduce yourself.

C: After the well-rehearsed introduction where I talked about my strengths, work experience. I also spoke about the patent, marketing project.

*Interrupted by P3.*

It’s extempore time now.

P3: Ramraj, we will give you a topic and you have 10 seconds to think about it and one minute to speak on it.

C: Okay, Ma’am.

P3: Your topic is “IPR”.

C: Can I have a rough page, please?

P2: No, you construct your thoughts and speak.

C: Okay, Sir.

C: Full form of IPR is Intellectual Property Right. Intellectual Property (IP) is the product human intellectual. It includes the concepts, Products, Creativity and the rights protected to IP is known as IPR. A patent is one of the forms of IPR and it protects the Functional Expression of the product. Like if a company develops a new technology then that company has exclusive rights to use that particular technology, others cannot use that technology without the permission of the company. India follows the IPR Act 1970 and the no of application per year from India is very less compare to China and USA and no of Patents granted to India is also very less compare to China and USA.

P2: Ramraj, you speak so fast. Did you prepare this for the interview?

C: Sir, it is natural for me.

P2: In which Quality are you working?

C: Sir, I am working in Current Quality Department.

P2: What Quality Standards you follow?

C: Sir we follow the TS Standards.

P2: Which no?

C: Sir, its TS 16949.

P2: It is equivalent to ISO.

C: Sir, ISO 9001.

P2: What is Ford’s Quality Standard?

P2: Ford indigenously developed a Quality Standard. What is it?

C: Sir, in my company, another department is looking under standard. I do not know about this.

P2: It’s QA101. Just have a look at it. Now Ma’am will ask you the questions.

P3: Ramraj, name any three Social Entrepreneur.

C: Ma’am in which field?

P3: Any field.

C: Ma’am I don’t know.

P3: Okay, Ramraj. We are done. All the best. Thank you.

C: Thank you, Ma’am.

FMS Interview Process II

Average Duration: 12 minutes.

No. of Panelists: 4.

GD Topics

  • Democracy benefits only the people with power.
  • Competition is best for increasing efficiency.
  • Coalition politics and parliamentary democracy cannot coexist.
  • Social Clause is also a form of protection.
  • Euthanasia as a Human Right.
  • Public demonstrations are a way for the people to protest against injustice.

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Duration: 10-15 seconds thinking and 1-2 minutes speaking.

Extempore Topics

  • In a rat race, even if you win you are only a rat.
  • Higher education in India.
  • SWOT analysis POST IIM Call rejection.
  • It is the life which teaches you who you are.

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FMS Interview

FMS Interview Panelists: 4

Duration of FMS Interview: 20-25 minutes

P1: Have a seat Anish. How are you?

C: I am fine Sir. Thank You. 

P1: Okay Anish. Tell me something about yourself.

C: I spoke about myself, my background and academics etc.

P1: That’s good. So as you know the procedure, we will firstly have your extempore where we will give you a topic and you have to speak for one minute. After that, we will have a short chit chat. Shall we begin Anish?

C: Yes Sir.

P1: Your topic is “Life is a Puzzle”.

C: The beauty of life lies in its puzzled stage. We all work hard to solve that puzzle so that we can achieve true happiness. But when we achieve something then we realize that the process of solving this puzzle was much more fun. Then I related the topic from an incident in my life. I also spoke about people like Steve Jobs and Shah Rukh Khan, who started with nothing but attained everything. 

P2: Why do you want to do an MBA?

C: I spoke about my interest in Marketing and increased opportunities post MBA. I also mentioned my previous activities such as organizing festivals for IIT Delhi for two years consecutively and promoting it has helped develop an interest towards marketing and business. I also mentioned my interest in advertisement and that I make short films and publish them on Youtube. All these reasons contributed towards my interest in MBA Marketing specialization.

P2: What are the recent advertisements of Coca Cola?

C: I mentioned about the latest Coke advertisements. 

P1: Who are the celebrities endorsing these brands?

C: Ranbir Kapoor is endorsing Pepsi (Around FIFA World Cup).

P1: Why do they use them?

C: Because the brand image matches to the celebrity. Also, the target audiences are youth and Ranbir is a youth icon.

P1: Name some advertising agencies.

C: Ogilvy & Mather, JWT, McCann Erikson, etc.

P2: Name some stock exchanges.


P1: Okay Anish. We are done. All the very best.

C: While leaving the room, P3 called me. She was silent in the whole interview.

P3: Do one more task, Anish. Convince me to drink Kinley water rather than a Pulpy orange.

C: I spoke about a doctor suggesting that one should consume at least eight glasses of water daily. Not only it is healthy, but it actually gives your skin a glow. Whereas Pulpy orange is high in sugar content that would increase the sugar level in the blood and add inches to your waist.

P3: What other converts do you have Anish?


P3: Okay, Anish. All the very best.

Tips to Crack GD

  • Read the newspaper.
  • Have an opinion on everything.
  • Practice. Give lots of Mock GDs as possible.
  • If you have no idea on a particular GD topic, then listen to other people and build over it. In such situations, your communication skills can be an asset.

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Tips to Crack FMS Interview

  • Know your surrounding (current affairs), Know your past (at least two courses of your graduation discipline), know your future (why do you want to do MBA).
  • Prepare basic HR questions.
  • Practice. Give as many Mock PIs as possible.
  • Have an opinion on everything.
  • If your communication skills are below average, then read books or watch BBC or TV Series. Practice speaking in front of the mirror.

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