Taking ahead our B School Comparison Series we bring to you the comparison which goes on in many minds – GIM Goa vs TAPMI Manipal.

GIM Goa V/S TAPMI Manipal

GIM Goa vs TAPMI Manipal

While there is a very slight difference that comes out by just having a look at the above table, let us help you in comparing better the two supposedly rival institutes.

Location is almost similar for both the institutes and hence not much to take away here. While one is near IT city Bangalore, the other is near the commercial capital.

Infrastructure is certainly an advantage at TAPMI Manipal. With world class labs with live simulation and international accreditations where infrastructure is one of the major criteria, TAPMI certainly is ahead of many other private B Schools.

Batch strength is certainly an advantage at GIM Goa. With almost 60% the strength of TAPMI Manipal, GIM Goa offers better opportunities with lesser competition to the candidates.

Course Fee is almost similar with a difference of 1 lac, being relatively lower at GIM Goa. Overall RoI could have been similar again but the lower batch size makes it slightly in favor of GIM Goa (very meagre difference though). While even the top B Schools have been hit by enormous batch size, TAPMI Manipal getting hit is obvious.

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Want to build a career in Finance? 

Join TAPMI Manipal

Want to build a career in Marketing?

Join GIM Goa (Similar companies offering similar profiles, advantage of smaller batch size at GIM and saving of around 1 lac when it comes to fee)

Want to build a career in IT / ITeS?

Join TAPMI Manipal (Better faculty and higher number of opportunities)