With rise in competition, market trends change. Companies keep tapping on new market strategies to build a market base. Marketing being the blood of an organization, decides the way company is heading. Marketers in lieu of segmenting, targeting and positioning a new product or a service strategize new techniques to increase consumer base, increase goodwill and bring loyalty to the customers. We could remember various marketing techniques such as direct to home facility, banners, posters, hoardings, advertisements, activities such as skits, nukkad, plays discounts and many. With clubbing some of these techniques we can retrieve some of the marketing names such as out of home marketing, digital marketing and guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing is one of the old marketing techniques but still one of the most effective methods to reach to the hearts of a consumer. With basic introduction of all we will basically concentrate on guerrilla marketing.

guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

Out of home marketing can be summed as high visibility at low cost. It suits for all the strategies and budgets. It is basically to convey big idea within seconds. Maximum time is up to 5 Seconds. It can work in any medium with focus on colors, pictures, copy. This type of marketing is mainly executed with images that convey the ideas and add words. It is used to get results in short span of time.

Digital Marketing is a type of interactive marketing which uses digital technologies such as internet, TV, radios to reach to customers. Its main objective is to build a customer base by promoting brands and increasing sales through different digital marketing techniques. With rise of usage of social media such as twitter, facebook, several industries including leading companies are utilizing digital tools to create an approach that can achieve extraordinary results. Digital marketing today is even promoted through sms, mms and mobile ring tones. It basically concentrates on segmentation, online behavioral advertising and collaborative environment. In present market, it is the most effective way of building relationships with the customer.

The most interesting way of marketing is Guerrilla Marketing. It is a type of unconventional marketing and it intends to get maximum results from minimum use of resources. Guerrilla advertising is a way of promoting through promotional activities such as word of mouth, offering free consultations, free demonstrations and talks and many. It was first introduced by J.Levinson in 1984 book guerrilla marketing. It is usually done on a very low budget. It can be also defined as a marketing technique which involves unexpected and unconventional marketing campaigns which are potentially interactive and consumers are targeted in unexpected place. One of the activities preformed by coco cola can be easily related to guerrilla marketing. In this activity, a person entered inside the coke buying machine and interested the people by ejecting many other stuffs including coke. It also read the mindset of present population by offering flowers to ladies, pizzas and subs with coke, a tray and then more than 3 cokes to keep in it. At last a huge sub was offered to a group with cokes kept adjacent to it. This is the type of marketing which attracts people and make people develop a habit of having coke with other food stuffs.

We will bifurcate this further by knowing about its needs, principles, advantages, advertising methods and a few examples.

Some of the needs for guerrilla marketing are it is a necessity for small businesses around the world. It is essential because it is easy to understand, implement and also it is not so expensive. It is also required because of big business downsizing, decentralization, increasing no. of startups. It helps small businesses to understand market without investing much capital in it.

Principles of Guerrilla marketing can be understood by presence, activity, networks and energy, Presence can be related to make you known at all times. This can be done by email, social networking, magazines, chat rooms , forums, discussions. Activity is aware of opportunities to make your product known and how to act on it. Energy is basically a continuous marketing also known as 360 degree marketing. Networks are always looking to make contacts and develop networks which are a very important aspect of enhancing our relationships with customers. This could be referred to one of the unconventional ways of marketing by Airline industry. The first hoarding to advertise was jet airways claiming that “we have changed” to have a positive impact on consumer. The second hoarding was placed by kingfisher projecting that they were the ones which helped them in changing with tagline “We made them change”. Then the 3rd one came into the picture was go air with beautiful way of advertising with words as “We have not changed. We are still the smartest way of travel.” The principles of Guerrilla marketing can be witnessed with this example.

Some of the advantages are low cost, flexibility, designed to reach the target market, reduce waste and ineffectiveness, simple and one of the best methods of marketing for startups having low budget and looking for effective marketing strategies.

Advertising for Guerrilla marketing can be done by various methods. Some of them are Internet, offering free demonstrations and talks, offering free consultations, Stickers, Non traditional methods such as flash mob, Text messaging . This type of marketing has also been used in Campaigns and welfare purposes. Anti smoking movement, don’t drink and drive, Anti-Pollution and Environmental campaigns were broadcasted with creative and efficient use of guerrilla marketing. The pictorial images of car on the beverage bottle cap and a message behind the cap with message as don’t drink and drive was one of its ways of promoting the campaign. There are many and many instances which make us release the excellent way of Guerrilla Marketing.

Article has been written by Mayank Bhatia from IIM Kashipur.