The CAT Exam Pattern is such that it does not require aspirants to attempt each and every question so as to score a high percentile. Therefore, they have the option to leave some questions in each section and still manage to score well. This clearly portrays that more than anything, the nexus is more on speed and accuracy in the CAT 2019 exam since it is a time-bound exam. Go through the article to find out how to increase speed and accuracy in Mock Tests. In case you find yourself wondering as to how to go about preparing for CAT 2019, you can enrol into a CAT 2019 Coaching. 

Increase speed and accuracy in Mock Tests

So, what is Accuracy?

Accuracy may be defined as the state of being correct or precise and free from error. One might become so engrossed in the process of solving questions that one may tend to overlook the component of accuracy. Remember, simply solving the questions would not fetch you a good score in the CAT 2019 exam, but rather solving with both speed and accuracy. The CAT exam is a time-bound exam where both speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand and improves your chances of scoring high.

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To solve maximum questions with speed and accuracy, you can follow the quick tips given below:

  1. Identify questions which you wish to attempt from each section.
  2. Select questions from the entire lot which you are confident of solving accurately.
  3. Proceed to the questions where you are somewhat confident of reaching the accuracy level.
  4. The last set comprises of questions where you are confident of making informed guesses which can steer you to a level close to the accuracy level required.

It is important to attain a higher accuracy level in solving the questions, since only attempting 75% questions correctly will give you a chance of scoring 99 percentile. If you are attempting anywhere between 20 to 25 questions per section with a high accuracy level, you stand a high chance of scoring a 99 percentile.

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CAT 2019: Tips to  Improve Speed

There are three ways to improve your speed for the CAT exam. These tips will help you to enhance both speed and accuracy while solving the CAT questions easily and quickly.

  • The first approach is to lessen the time per question (employ shortcuts to solve the CAT questions). This implies that you either strengthen your concepts or use the trick of elimination of choices, Post every Mock Test, you can break down questions to see if there is an even quicker approach to find the solution.
  • The second is to solve the questions which have a superior sequencing of questions which take lesser time to solve and then proceed to the next level of questions. Post each Mock Test, you may investigate your order of attempting questions.
  • The third approach is to leave such questions altogether where you are either stuck or which are consuming more of your time. This approach will help you in both maximising your speed and the number of attempts. While examining Mocks, you must check the questions you wasted more time on.

Note: Speed doesn’t originate from doing things quickly, but rather from doing easy questions first.

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CAT 2019: Tips to increase Accuracy in the VARC section

Where RCs are concerned, it hosts 24 out of 34 questions in the section, which clearly implies that you cannot be average in this section. You need to have an above average performance in RCs which cannot be achieved only through regular ability and good perusing speed. You must, also, resort to a procedure which helps you pick the correct entries, read them well, subsequently answer them accurately and skip questions as well.

How to choose the right RCs?

  • Read the first passage of each RC.
  • On a scale of 1-10, rate it as far as the clarity (style and substance) for you.
  • 1 on your scale should be an intense substance for which you are certain that you will never have the capacity to proceed further.
  • 10 on your scale should mean having a simple substance/passage that you can read and comprehend.
  • Try not to proceed further.
  • Rehash the procedure for the various RCs.
  • After you rate each entry, select the 3 sections you have evaluated as the most elevated and start fathoming them, starting with the one you appraised most astounding.

Accuracy over  Attempts

  • The first step should be to not select the correct alternative but eliminate inaccurate choices.
  • When you are at a crossroad and stuck between 2 choices, don’t coordinate expressions in the alternative with phrases in the section. Please note that even the tricky questions will have similar expressions, therefore, you must check your rationale for entry and rationale in the alternative before settling on a decision.
  • It is constantly superior to rehashing the two choices in the head and trying to figure out which one is right.

Despite the aforementioned hacks, if you find that you can’t pick between two alternatives, you must LEAVE.

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CAT 2019: Tips to increase accuracy in the LRDI Section

To boost your score in the Data Interpretation section, you must:

  • Be able to quickly recognise, dissect, disseminate and decipher the information. Common difficulties faced by aspirants in solving DI questions include illusions, relevance and consistency pertaining to the given information. In case you manage to deal with these confusing parts of the DI section, you would be able to enhance your score.
  • You must have all applicable tables and squares of specific numbers at your fingertips. The data provided sometimes is extremely intense and therefore. It is crucial for you to get settled with estimations.
  • Refrain from dialect traps – Data Interpretation is not restricted to estimations only. You should also be uber careful with the language used in the question.
  • Avoid wasting time on one question.
  • For LR, practice is the key! You must practice all kinds of questions so as to ace LR. 
  • Quick thinking and Decision-making will also help you in the LR section. Generally, you must have a knack in identifying the right sets for both LR and DI.

Many students lament about not identifying an easy peasy set in the outset and instead wasting time on troublesome sets. It is, however, very likely that a student while examining picked out a set/information which looked less complex but turned out to be extremely and profoundly estimation centred. Therefore, one must segregate themselves from the informational index when they figure out its’ extremely tedious or intense, irrespective of the time already devoted to it.

Note: Also, try to stay away from Common Mistakes.

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CAT 2019: Tips to increase your accuracy in the Quantitative section

  • This section is a mix of significantly straightforward ideas merged with cutting-edge arithmetic. Therefore, accuracy is of paramount importance in this section and an essential determiner of your last score. Be it CAT or any other exam, what matters is not how many questions you did but how many you got right. You don’t even need to attempt every question to score well and having a precision-based approach up your sleeve would go far in enhancing your execution and enhancing your score profoundly.
  • Some students fixate on one question and end up burning 15-20 minutes on the same since they have this wiggling instinct that says they can solve this question. They just might, however, we need to remember that the CAT exam is all about speed, accuracy and time-management and one should ensure they do not pass up on the opportunity of getting 5-6 questions right in the same time in which they were struggling with that one question. Like they say, moving on from the wrong person to the right person maketh your life, similarly, moving on from wasting time on the wrong question and moving to the right ones may help boost your score exponentially.
  • When we talk about acing the Quant section, your calculation efficiency must be very high. A solid grasp on estimation would help diminish the time spent on each question. Learning tables upto 25, cubes upto 20 and squares up to 30, performing quick increase and knowing approaches like that of Vedic Maths helps out in attempting an increased number of questions.

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Given above is a structure and basic hints that you can include in your CAT 2019 study schedule and keep in mind during the CAT 2019 exam. These tips are the ones CAT aspirants are found to neglect, whether deliberately or unintentionally. Therefore, with a specific end goal in mind, these steps will ensure you calibrate your readiness utilizing the aforementioned tips and would help you increase speed and accuracy in Mock Tests.