CAT 2019 Without Coaching: While commitment towards MBA dream is a pre-requisite for scoring high in management entrance exams, the mode of preparation that you choose is also one of the major factors that play a vital role towards the success. Being one of the most coveted entrance exams, CAT is a tough nut to crack, although, with the right study schedule and guidance one can easily achieve success in this exam. Every MBA aspirant, while starting their preparation has to decide whether or not to opt for coaching. The level of competition for CAT is tough given that more than two lakh candidates appear for CAT exam for admission to 20 IIMs and around 100 B-schools. There are many successful candidates who have excelled without the expert guidance. In this article we bring to you CAT 2019 preparation strategies without coaching and where to invest money and where not to.

CAT 2019 Without CoachingPrepare for CAT 2019 without Coaching

Well before we get to the details, let us first put it straight that CAT can be cracked without Coaching. Coaching is no mandatory requirement for one to qualify, and similarly, there is no guarantee that you cannot get a top B-school call without going for coaching. There are many MBA Aspirants who have entered top notch B-schools even without CAT Coaching.  

Things to ensure when not opting for Coaching

CAT Coachings ensure regular preparation and not having long gaps, you always have a peer group to keep you on edge and competitive, and a faculty/mentors to help you with your doubts. 

If you can ensure yourself that you stick to an effective CAT Preparation Plan regularly, have a friend circle to help you and help of experienced mentors who have cracked the exam themselves, then you have covered up all the areas which a CAT coaching mainly addresses. Apart from the above, it is your dedication, hard work, ability to analyze what you solve and learn from it is what you need to crack CAT, even if you would join CAT Coaching.

Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus in detail

The very first thing to do is to know the exam pattern and syllabus in detail. The next step is to go through the past years’ analysis so that you can prepare a comprehensive plan and set priorities according to the importance of different topics across various sections. The generic exam pattern of CAT is that it is a multiple choice objective test from four areas, namely Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. Some exams also have a section on General Knowledge. On the basis of that, prepare a study plan. Focus on all the sections and don’t leave anything for the last moment. 

Section No. of MCQs No. of Non-MCQs Total Questions
Verbal and Reading Comprehension 24 10 34
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 24 8 32
Quantitative Aptitude 24 10 34
Total 72 28 100

Steps to Strategize while preparing for CAT 2019 without Coaching

  • Have good books & resources handy with you. Those who opt for coaching get the tailor-made preparation material. But, even if you do not go for coaching and cannot access expert notes, there is no dearth of right study material. There are ample books, question banks, sample papers and preparatory books by expert authors available in the market.
  • Chalk out a CAT Study Plan for yourself, to ensure you complete the entire CAT Syllabus well before the actual CAT Exam. 
  • Enroll for CAT Test Series. Solve the mocks, analyze them well and work on identified gaps. After the basic preparation, start taking CAT mock tests on a regular basis. With each mock test, you will be clear about your strengths and weaknesses and start working accordingly. 
  • Get hold of someone who has cracked the exams to be there for you to solve your doubts. 
  • In addition, do ensure that you are following some website for all CAT Strategy and MBA Exam updates and keep yourself well informed about the exam. 
  • Last but not the least, ensure that you are equally focusing on non-CAT Exams that you are planning to appear for. 

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Things to Avoid while Preparing for CAT

  • Avoid Facebook Groups where people unnecessarily keep practicing those topics which have relatively lesser weightage in CAT Exam. Time is the most critical thing and effective Time Management is the most important aspect of CAT Preparation. 
  • Do not feel bogged down by seeing what others are doing in preparation. Just focus on your preparation, and ensure you are improving day by day.

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Reasons to not to join CAT Coaching

  • If you are confident enough and have the ability to prepare for CAT 2019 without Coaching, then this is a very valid and good reason for not opting any Coaching. 
  • If the reason is not the ability, but fee issues, travel needed to bigger cities and lack of good faculty in your city, then Online CAT Coaching is what you should explore. Do not let your preparation suffer because of lack of good resources.  

Confidence and Motivation are the most important factors for those candidates who are preparing on their own. Never think that you have any less potential to crack the test than your counterparts who are taking coaching. Be disciplined, prepare well, work on developing the ability to grasp and apply concepts in different scenarios. Know your weakness and work on how to overcome them. Remember that it is a difficult path that leads you to a better future.

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