GK for MBA Entrance Exams: Many significant management entrance exams like IIFT, TISSNET, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT among others possess a General Awareness section which also plays a huge role in the Shortlisting and Personal Interview rounds for the final MBA admission process in top MBA colleges. Most MBA entrance exams refer to the General Knowledge section as the General Awareness section, award equal weightage to it and make it mandatory to get a minimum score in the GK section. Notably, the GK section of the exam constitutes nearly 15%-25% in all the MBA entrance exams. The GK questions also form a base for discussion during the GD-P-WAT and Extempore sessions for MBA admissions in the IIMs, FMS, MDI, SPJIMR, XLRI and other highly ranked institutes.

GK for MBA Entrance Exams

The GA/GA section can be further subdivided into two sections namely Static GK and Current GK where the former has areas/topics which do not change over time. This section is feared by a large majority of students due to the vastness of the syllabus and the unfamiliarity and unpredictability of the topics involved.

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Types of GK in MBA Entrance Exams

The area of GK questions asked in the MBA entrance exams is very vast and covers Current Affairs, Business & Economy GK, International Current affairs, Government Schemes, GK on Constitution of India and its significant amendments, Static Questions on GK include the capitals, currencies, organs of UN, Books, Authors, Company logos, Sports and their records among others.

Notably, exams like the SNAP exam only focus on current affairs limited to the past two years. Some current affairs include national and international developments, the latest who’s who, international current affairs, bills passed by Parliament, Recent Government Schemes among others.

Business GK plays a significant role in nearly all MBA entrance exams like IIFT, TISSNET, CMAT, SNAP, XAT among others. Changes in the economic policies and in Corporate, industry stalwarts of latest businesses, logos of companies and their significance, financial results, abbreviations of business houses, changes in the world business scenario, tie-ups of national and international companies, business achievements etc are some topics which are covered in the GK section of some exams.

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Significance of GK in MBA Exams

Barring the CAT exam, all key management entrance exams have GK as the important exam components to be qualified separately.

Exam No. of GK questions Total No. of questions
IIFT 18 114
XAT 25 100
SNAP 30 130
CMAT 25 100
MAT 40 200

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Weightage of GK in MBA Exams

The weightage to GK Section in MBA entrance exams is different as per the scoring pattern of each exam. Besides some of the MBA entrance exams like IIFT, SNAP even after awarding comparatively low weightage to GK section, have made it mandatory to clear the cut offs in this section. Here is the exam wise weightage to GK section in different MBA entrance exams:  

Exam Maximum Marks Weightage percent to GK as per scoring pattern
IIFT 100 8% (0.50 Mark for Each Right answer)
XAT 100 25% (1 Mark for Each Right Answer)
SNAP 150 20% (Division of 1 Mark for 20 Qs and 2 Marks for 5 Qs)
CMAT 400 25% (4 Marks for Each Right answer)
MAT 200 40% (1 Mark for Each Right answer)

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GK Books For MBA Entrance Exams

Toppers of exams like IIFT, SNAP, TISSNET, CMAT, XAT suggest the following GK Books for to prepare for GK:

  • Manorama Year Book is highly recommended to prepare for competitive exams.
  • Business GK and Economics can be prepared with the regular reading of ‘Business Standard’, ‘The Economist’, ‘Economic Times’ along with going through the changes in the policy guidelines, Economic Survey of India among others.

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Key Areas for GK Preparation

The topics given below will cover everything under the sun where you GK preparation is concerned:

  • Everything under the sun is covered in the GK section preparation:
  • Business & Economics – Fiscal and Monetary policy changes
  • Current Affairs & Social Issues
  • International Current Affairs & Events
  • UNO – Wings, agencies, HQs, Abbreviations
  • Countries-Capital, Currency, prominent development
  • Global Summits
  • Latest Who’s is Who
  • Constitution of India and recent amendments
  • Sports – National & International
  • Awards, Honours, National, International days
  • Books, Authors
  • Company Logo identification
  • Questions related to History, Geography, General Science

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How to prepare well for the GK section of the MBA Entrance Exams

As discussed earlier, different MBA entrance exams shed light and prioritise different subjects and GK questions accordingly in their GK section. For example, IIFT emphasises on international trade questions while exams like CMAT, SNAP, TISSNET and XAT are a mixture of current affairs and static GK.

Given below are some important resources to resort to while preparing for the GK section:


This is the age-old and most commonly used medium to improve one’s general knowledge and repository of current affairs. Top newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist , The Telegraph etc. will help you stay abreast on everything happening on the national and international level. You can also go through the Editorials section of these newspapers so as to gather arguments and debate over it during GD-PI and the additional take on any relevant issue will help you build your own argument as well. On the whole, reading newspapers would help build your general knowledge repository exponentially and also help you in increasing your reading speed and vocabulary.

Online GK Mocks and Courses

Online Preparation of exams is really in vogue these days because Online Coachings are cost-effective, save time, offer personalised mentorship and provide you with a peer network which makes your preparation wholesome. Therefore, it is recommended for you to enrol into an online Comprehensive GK for MBA Exams.

News channels

Tuning in to informative news channels and programmes wherein you have good speakers addressing burning issue with a pragmatic approach. You do not need to waste time watching news channels which sensationalise everything or be glued to the idiot box for hours every day, but rather picking one good news channel and show of your own choice which you can follow on a daily basis.

Online Applications

There are multiple news apps these days which have started the trend of sharing news in small bytes which can be consumed at leisure, while commuting, before going to bed, while waiting in a queue. Notably, all the reputed newspapers can be accessed both through their websites and corresponding apps. Smartphones help provide news to you right in your palm whenever and wherever. The news bytes are precise and crisp and bring you relevant facts about a current story. So, you can easily form a habit of going through news on news app and cover current affairs on a daily basis in a short period of time.

GK Magazines

Reading newspapers and watching news programmes should be on top of your priority list, however, it is also a good idea to subscribe to GK magazines and books which will help you grasp the subject efficiently and effectively. Manorama Yearbook and Pratiyogita Darpan have been the staple for most MBA aspirants for years now.

Jot down Notes

There is no dearth of news that can be consumed these days, but as an MBA aspirant, you must know how to segregate relevant news from useless news. Also, since it is impossible to remember every piece of information consumed, you must get into the habit of making short notes about everything you learn and especially special news stories and events which are extra important and require revisiting. This way you will have your very own database of news which can be referred at leisure through the period of your preparation and also when the GD-PI rounds are nearing.

Previous years’ GK question papers

Going through GK questions from previous years’ is also a great method to prepare Gk for MBA entrance exams. You can find corresponding sample GK questions on the official websites of these MBA entrance exams.


The level of difficulty for the GK section varies for each MBA entrance exam, however, solid preparation and following the aforementioned tips will really get you there. So, start on with the GK section now and nail it like a pro!

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