Score 99 Percentile in NMAT 2019: The NMAT 2019 is an important national-level MBA entrance exam leading to MBA admissions 2020 in premier MBA colleges like NMIMS Mumbai, SPJIMR Mumbai (PGMPW), ISB (Certificate programme), VIT Vellore, XIM Bhubaneswar and several other MBA colleges in India. The full form of NMAT exam is NMIMS Management Aptitude Test and NMAT is the abbreviated form for Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Management Aptitude Test.

Score 99 Percentile in NMAT 2019

Important dates for NMAT 2019 Exam Dates and Registration Process are scheduled from the months of July to December 2019. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is the conducting body for the NMAT exam and usually does not extend the deadline to apply for the exam, however, one can retake the NMAT exam in case they were not able to score well in the first attempt. One can also reschedule the exam if they are not able to appear for the exam due to any exigency. You can reschedule the exam date during the complete testing period of October 4 to December 17, 2019 upto 72 hours prior to the NMAT exam date.

You can prepare for this exam through self-study, via traditional coaching or NMAT Online Coaching. Alternatively, you can enrol only into an NMAT Online Mock Series since Mocks are the backbone of all management entrance exams.

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NMAT 2019: Exam Pattern

Section Name Number of questions Allotted time in minutes
Language Skills 32 22
Quantitative Skills 48 60
Logical Reasoning 40 38
Total 120 120

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How to Score 99 Percentile in NMAT 2019?

NMAT by GMAC is an important exam which kickstarts a long series of management entrance exams which serious aspirants are willing to write. I, Faraz, would be sharing a few tips and strategies that will be immensely helpful to all the NMAT 2019 aspirants and would help them Score 99 Percentile in NMAT 2019.

1. Understanding the NMAT Test

Unlike most management entrance tests, NMAT by GMAC strikes a fine balance of knowing a huge range of question types and switching between them at breakneck speed. While the exam does not have negative marking, what it does have is timed sectionals and a ratio of a minute per question on an average. You are supposed to read and understand the question, present it on a rough sheet and solve and mark it in that minute. Even if you decide to move on from the question in the first round, you must arrive at the decision to do some within 30 odd seconds of seeing the question.

Therefore, you should know your capacity and ability as a candidate and that a lean patch of 5-10 minutes can result in your downfall. Therefore, it is highly important that you know which questions you will do well, which questions you should spend time attempting or not and you will perform extremely well on NMAT by GMAC.

2. NMAT 2019 – Content Preparation

Language Skills

One of the key challenges in this section is that you need to read faster than you normally do! 32 questions to be done within 22 minutes would be nothing short of a blur, and solving two around 500-word Reading Comprehension passages (with 4 questions each) would take a big chunk of your time. Therefore, the best strategy is to have your entire focus on vocabulary based questions (synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks, cloze passages, etc.) and grammar-based questions at the beginning which will consume lesser time.

Where preparation is concerned, keeping track of common word roots and a few expressions is enough, in addition to basic reading comprehension practice and understanding basic grammar rules (Please note that parallelism and subject-verb agreement are the areas tested most often).

Quantitative Skills

The important topics from this area are Arithmetic, linear equations and numbers. There are a few questions that are of  ‘apply-the-formula-directly’ from areas like co-ordinate geometry and numbers, so even if you do not understand the topics thoroughly, it is advised that you remember the formulas in the least.  The DI sets are of a moderate level of difficulty and will be of use only when you have cleared the cut-off. Ideally, you should finish off with the Quant part before moving on to the DI part of the section.

Logical Reasoning

The arrangements and input-out are pretty challenging at times. So, it will be prudent to let them go if you cannot crack them in the first few seconds. Coding-decoding, almost all of the series based questions, verbal logic (assumptions, inferences, conclusions) would be ones that will boost your score.

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NMAT 2019: Test-taking Strategies

  • Flexible window: Candidates can appear for NMAT between October to December any time. One can choose a time slot and centre as per their convenience. However, considering you will have to eventually work around other exams like CAT, IIFT and SNAP, you should go for an attempt around the last week of October and then take a call.
  • Multiple attempts vs. Single attempts: You can take other management entrance exams only once a year, however, you can take the NMAT exam thrice with the time frame as stated above. The best of the 3 scores would be taken into consideration. If in case you are not satisfied with your first attempt, you can delve in further polishing your knowledge for an additional number of days and then retake the exam.
  • Order of sections: In case you face fatigue issues, you can keep your best section for the end. Also, try doing reasoning at the beginning which can include lot of surprise elements to throw you off guard. QS-LR-LS or LS-LR-QS are both fine. Also, the speed at which the sections pass would be enough to keep you on your toes throughout.
  • Stay away from leaked questions and rumors: Ever since the NMAT by GMAC exam became computer-based, there have been leaked questions floated by the takers. Only a few of such questions are right whilst others are half baked, without options and perpetuated by a few shady elements to entice people instead of helping them with the preparation. Such questions are manageable and there would be a handful of people claiming that 50-60% of the paper belonged to the circulated leaked questions is a rather ridiculous statement. Therefore, you must stay away from such rumors and instead focus on your preparation and not let these false gimmicks take away from your hard work and dedication. Leaked questions can be made available to everyone, this way or that, but solving them won’t give you any extra edge whatsoever.

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What Scores Can You Expect?

Typically scoring anything like 205/260 should be the bare minimum target. The scores for this exam are not heavily scaled yet it completely relies on you slot-wise performance vis-à-vis the other slots. If you have attempted nearly the whole paper truly (leaving aside questions from a DI set which was too long and a few logic based questions; you can expect to score around 24-25 correct answers in LS) which would be(89) + LS (75) + LR (85).

Therefore, generally, a 75-65-70 split is the ideal score that you should be looking at. However, you should not be entangled into worries about scores and write the test with no undue pressure whatsoever.

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The NMAT by GMAC exam would definitely open a lot of doors for you through its leading management programs in India. This way, top B-schools get to host the best talent and students also have a ‘moon-door’ to their dreams. Ever since it became a computer-based test in 2009, NMAT by GMAC has been at the forefront of measurement in the country as a valid and reliable predictor of success in graduate business school.