IIFT 2019 GK Preparation: The IIFT exam is a national level test which is conducted by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Generally, the IIFT GK section is of higher difficulty level in comparison to the other entrance tests such as SNAP, CMAT, MAT. Due to this, a large number of applicants fail to clear the sectional cutoff of the GK section. But the other good thing is that the cutoff for GK is usually low. In the last 4-5 years, it has remained in the range of 2 marks to 3.5 marks. The weightage of the GK section in IIFT test is not fixed and in the past, has varied from 13-14 marks out of 118 total marks. Even though the weightage for GK is less, however, each and every mark counts in this exam. Thus, it is advisable that you do not take this section lightly. In this article, we bring to you tips to prepare for the GK section, books to refer for preparation, syllabus, and more. 

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IIFT 2019 GK Preparation

Why is the GK section important?

Better accuracy: GK based questions give you the opportunity to increase your accuracy. This is because, if you know the answer to a GK question, there is no scope for confusion!

Time efficiency: Further, the GK section is highly helpful in time management as there is no calculation-work and analysis involved. You can use this to your advantage by allocating more time to other sections of the examination.

Good backup:  The additional GK section in the IIFT exam can also act as a good back up for you, especially if you feel you are weak in any of the traditional sections like Quant, Verbal, and LRDI. 

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IIFT GK Syllabus

As per the experts, the preparation for GK is not a matter of 1 or 2 months but a continuous process. The most tried and tested method to prepare for GK is to read the newspapers or magazines. For preparing for static GK, refer to the yearbook or GK encyclopedia of a reputed publication. Remember there is negative marking for an incorrect answer. Hence it is best not to answer questions which you are not sure of. However, make sure you attempt enough questions to not only clear the cutoff but to score maximum marks possible as well. The topics to prepare for IIFT GK section is as follows:

  • Current Affairs.
  • Politics.
  • Sports.
  • Science.
  • Economics.
  • History.
  • Books.
  • Geography.

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IIFT 2019 GK Preparation: Static GK

As the name suggests, Static GK consists of areas that do not change over time. While the syllabus for the Static GK section seems to be very vast, it can be completed effectively if you choose authentic and reliable sources to study from. Yearbook or GK encyclopedia of a reputed publication is a good source of preparation. You may expect questions from the following sub-topics in Static GK:

  • History.
  • Geography Economy.
  • Companies and Brands.
  • Indian Political System & Constitution.
  • Organizations.
  • Science & Technology.
  • Sports.
  • Miscellaneous: This section includes questions on various awards and honors, important international dates, books, and authors, etc. 

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IIFT 2019 GK Preparation: Current GK

Questions from Current GK will focus on the important national and international events in the past 12 months. The best source to prepare current GK is the newspaper. Besides newspapers, you may prepare current affairs of the last 12 months from any reputed competition specific magazine like Competition Success Review, Pratiyogita Darpan, etc. In Current GK, you may expect questions from these broad areas:

  • Economy.
  • Business & Corporate News.
  • Indian Polity.
  • Organizations.
  • New Developments in Science & Technology.
  • People in News.
  • Sports.
  • Miscellaneous. 

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Attempting the IIFT GK section

Answer what you know

Ideally, you should not spend more than 10 minutes on the IIFT GK section. This will allow you to allocate more time to other time-consuming sections. Answer the questions you are completely sure about. In general knowledge, one can save a lot of time as there are no calculations involved. One can simply read the question and either know the answer for it or not know the answer at all. The candidates are advised to answer the questions they are completely sure about and try to score as many marks as possible there. The questions do involve negative marking so answering questions one is unsure about is not advisable at any cost.


The questions you think you can answer after giving it some thought or after searching your mind for it are the ones the candidate should go for next. The aspirant should think about the questions they are not completely sure about. If one is able to eliminate two options out of the four options, it is advisable to answer those questions after giving it some thought.

When one truly thinks about it, the general knowledge section is not a very difficult section and is only made so because it involves some reading. When handled step by step every candidate can solve the GK section in the IIFT examination. All the Best!