With more than 7000 students already enrolled for IIFT Toppers Pack , we bring to you in this article how to use the IIFT Toppers Pack efficiently to ensure you not only clear IIFT Exam cutoff, but also score high and strengthen your chances for a final convert, with more than 60% weightage being of written exam score for final convert.

IIFT Toppers Pack | GK Material and Mocks Frequency

IIFT Toppers Pack

Course to ace IIFT with a high score is broadly divided into following segments:

  • GK Material (Both Static and Current Affairs)
  • 15 IIFT Full Length Mocks, very close to actual IIFT Pattern
  • IIFT Exam Strategy Workshop (to be conducted on 4th September) 
  • IIFT Special DI Sessions

GK Material

GK Material is divided into approximately 22-25 E Books, covering the entire gamut of IIFT specific GK Topics, to ensure you do not miss out anything relevant, or do not end up wasting time in studying something which is not relevant. 

In addition, there are 130+ GK Tests in the course. 

As per past trends of 2 years, 23 and 21 questions have come from our e books and GK Tests in IIFT GK Section and has ensured most of our students not only cleared GK Cutoff but also used GK to maximize their overall exam score.

Sequence in which you should cover GK E books

  • Current Affairs for July-Aug
  • Important Days & Dates
  • Dances in India 
  • Indian Geography
  • Inventions & Discoveries 
  • Constitution of India and Polity 
  • Science
  • History
  • National and International Prizes
  • Country – Currency – Capital – Parliament – Stock Exchange
  • Brands – Taglines – Heads
  • United Nations and Allied Bodies
  • Sports
  • Books and Authors
  • Union Budget
  • Current Affairs of remaining months (April – October is what is asked in IIFT Exam)

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Mock Frequency

If you are seriously targeting IIFT, then why to take only 2-3 mocks for it which usual coachings provide. There is a huge competition for IIFT Delhi campus and you need to really do well to ensure you not only clear the process but also get IIFT Delhi campus.

Hence, you need to take 12-15 Full Length IIFT Mocks for sure.

To help you integrate it with your CAT Preparation, we recommend the following IIFT Mocks Frequency, assuming you have not yet started taking any IIFT Full Length Mock. 

  • 1st to 14th September – 2 Mocks
  • 15th to 30th September – 3 Mocks
  • 1st to 14th October – 3 Mocks
  • 15th to 31st October – 2 Mocks
  • 1st November – CAT Date – 2 Mocks
  • Post CAT – IIFT Exam date – 3 Mocks

We hope the above article helps you in planning and strategizing your IIFT Preparation better, by letting you know how to plan your GK Studies and Mocks Frequency, integrating with your CAT Preparation.

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