Introduced in the year 2011 by IIM-Indore, the Integrated Programme in Management (IIM Indore-IPM) is a 5-year programme comprising of 15 terms with each year having 3 terms of 3 months each. For the first three years, the student acquires varied knowledge of diverse subjects like Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Economics and then eventually goes on to pursue the IIM Indore’s flagship PGP programme in the final two years of the entire IPM programme. IIM Indore-IPM is a programme that redefines a student’s conventional journey from 10+2 to a top B-school like the IIM Indore.

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IIM Indore-IPM

Why IIM Indore-IPM?

Over the years, for the students, IIM Indore-IPM has become a credible option apart from Engineering, Law and Medical. Now, a student aspiring to pursue his/her career in management need not diverge from the path by going for Engineering or Law. IIM Indore-IPM stands out in terms of the environment that it provides and the time that it gives a student to think and plan his/her life and align the reality with the aspirations. Some good reasons why IIM Indore-IPM is a great choice for students are as follows:

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IIM After 10+2

The IPM program is the gateway to one of the top IIMs, IIM Indore. As IPM is still in its early stages of mustering the interest of young aspirants, it provides the chance of making it to the IIM when the competition is comparatively less. Comparing it with the B.Tech graduates who pursue an MBA after Engineering and spend 6 years in doing so, IPM saves a year as it gets over within a matter of 5 years.

Holistic Education

A big reason for IPM’s uniqueness is its well-framed curriculum. IPM imparts necessary knowledge and skills, not just in the field of management but in various other subjects too.

The Brand Value

The unmatched IIM degree adds tremendous value to the candidate’s credentials. A 10+2 student can aspire to get the benefit of this brand value without having to do a separate undergraduate course in any other field of study.

Better Placements

In direct comparison with Engineering and Law, the IPM is quite ahead of both of them in terms of their placements. While a Fresher graduating from an Engineering college bags an average salary package of anything between 3 – 7 lakhs, and an IPM graduate gets empowered with a salary package of something between 15 – 20 lakhs. Not just in terms of money, MBA students start their careers with very good stead.

IPMAT 2019

Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) is conducted by IIM Indore. This National Level Test is a gateway for admission to the 5 year Integrated Program in Management offered at IIM Indore.

IPMAT 2019 Exam Pattern is as follows:

  • IPMAT 2019 is an objective exam.
  • Candidates need to select one correct answer from the options provided along with the questions.
  • The exam consists of 100 questions in total.
  • The duration of the exam is 2 hours.
  • The exam is of 400 marks total.
  • Every correct answer carries 4 marks and there is negative marking of 1 mark for every incorrect answer.
  • The sections have time limits.
Section Number of Questions Marks
Quantitative Ability (Multiple Choice Question-MCQ) 40 160
Verbal Ability (Multiple Choice Question-MCQ) 40 160
Quantitative Ability (Short Answer Question-SA) 20 80

Fees and Accommodation

The course fee for resident Indians for the first three years of the IIM Indore-IPM would be INR 4 LPA. For the Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) the course fee is INR 6 LPA. The course fee for the fourth and fifth years would be as per the prevailing Post Graduate Programme in Management fees.


IIM Indore has always been cognizant of an institutes’ role in shaping the thought processes of its students and has, therefore, made social sensitivity a mainstay of its residential programmes. The IPM students are required to complete a social internship at the end of year 3 and in addition to the Social Internship, IPM students do a business internship along with the PGP students between 4th & 5th years.

Selection Process

The students undergo a rigorous selection process at IIM Indore:

  • Candidates’ fill up an application form which aims at understanding the students’ proficiency in academics, as well as in co-curricular activities. 
  • This is followed by IPMAT 2019 which tests’ the applicant’s Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Proficiency in English and Mathematics respectively.
  • Shortlisted candidates appear for the Personal Interviews. The interview panel comprises of well–qualified professors from IIM Indore and other prestigious institutions. The interview panel judges the students’ level of Confidence, Communication skills, General awareness, Persuasion skills, and Knowledge.
  • IIM Indore admits about 120 students every year to the IPM.

Typically the weightage given to various stages of IPMAT selection process is as follows:

Particulars Weightage
Aptitude Test Score 50 percent
Personal Interview 35 percent
Written Ability Test 15 percent

Faculty Resources

IIM Indore has well-qualified faculty across academic disciplines. IPM students are taught by a mix of resident and visiting faculty, resource persons from renowned colleges and industry experts.

Student Activities

Apart from the academic programmes, the IPM participants get a vast exposure to various extra-curricular activities. These inculcate leadership qualities and managerial skills in them.

Apart from the regular intensive classroom learning, the students experience a good share of industry interaction. The candidates’ are required to pursue a business internship between the last two years in addition to the social internship at the end of the third year.

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