CAT 2018 Results were announced on January 5, 2019. Reportedly, IIM calls have already been released, with students already receiving calls for the subsequent rounds. IIMs Shortlist and Admission Criteria has been changed making it more lucrative for the candidates from all the academic backgrounds. Many of the candidates will be working on to hone their interview skills and will be excited and nervous at the same time for the D-Day since getting into IIMs is a dream come true itself. An interview is more than just being asked questions by the interviewer and responding correctly. It’s the candidates’ opportunity to make a great impression and showcase his/her ability. In this article, we bring to you top 50 questions relating to work experience in every IIM Interview.

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IIM Interview

IIM Interview: Top 50 questions relating to Work Experience

  1. Apart from the regular work, what else have you done in your company?
  2. Are you not happy with your job? Then why do you want to leave this company?
  3. Can you describe any innovation that has taken place in ignition systems?
  4. Challenges you had in your work?
  5. Describe the current product that you have been working on? Do people say it is full of innovations? What is your take?
  6. Describe your final year project?
  7. Describe your job profile?
  8. Did you face problems motivating your team?
  9. Did you have foreign clients?
  10. Discuss the appraisal process at “Company Name”. How has “Company Name” benefitted you?
  11. Do you know any strategy consultants who helped Indian companies?
  12. Do you think you are a bad performer and won’t get a better opportunity?
  13. Elaborate on your experience while working in “Your Company’s Name”.
  14. Explain the concept of total quality management.
  15. What are the different levels of the organization?
  16. Describe your job responsibilities?
  17. For how many months have you taken work experience?
  18. Are you been placed somewhere? Will you join that company?
  19. Have you interacted with your customers?
  20. Have you worked on any project in MS?
  21. How can you improve upon the current profile that you are working in?
  22. Analyze the market situation.
  23. How do you do sales forecasting?
  24. Estimate the likely time required.
  25. How do you make sure people work under you?
  26. Was your company good?
  27. How is quality measured at your job?
  28. How do you think the company performing in the wake of the recession?
  29. Time taken by you to understand your client’s business?
  30. Tell us how will your current experience help you if you go on to become a manager?
  31. I know the VP of the company you have provided solutions to. Should I confirm with him?
  32. Introduce your organization. What role do you play in the organization? Tell us about your projects.
  33. Is “Your Company’s Name” taking adequate measures for sustainable growth in the next 5 years?
  34. Is there any impact of the slowdown in the west on the business that you people get?
  35. Name some company where you’ll get the kind of cross-functional exposure?
  36. On which technology do you work?
  37. Saying that you will give an important job to a subordinate is easy, but have you ever done that?
  38. Since your company has high growth potential, then why do you want to leave the job and change the field?
  39. So what are steps of Requirement Gathering?
  40. So what was your experience as a Lead?
  41. Tell me about the job sites that you have worked at?
  42. Explain something about unit processes?
  43. What did you do as the magazine editor?
  44. Mention about the CSR initiative of “Your Company’s Name”.
  45. Tell us about one creative work that you have done in your job?
  46. Brief us about your work responsibilities?
  47. There are 5 people working under you. Who would be responsible for managing them?
  48. Mention the financial implications of the sales cycle?
  49. List down the latest happenings in your industry?
  50. What are the managerial aspects of an organization? 

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IIM Interview: Observation

The panelists need to assess and evaluate the real person inside you and they want to check the level of dedication that every candidate possesses. Also, the panelists are curious to understand how the candidate wants to shape his/her career and how a Management degree will help in achieving the same. The interview panelists have a different set of questions for every aspirant. Most of the questions are to check who drives the interview – the aspirant or the panel!

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