IIM Kashipur will conduct the Common Admission Process (CAP) 2016 for six Indian Institutes of Management – Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Trichy and Udaipur for MBA Batch 2016-18 for the new IIMs. 

IIM Kashipur to conduct CAP for 6 New IIMs

IIM Kashipur to conduct CAP for 6 New IIMs

IIM Kashipur will conduct the common Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT) for 6 New IIMs after the announcement of CAT 2015 results in January 2016.

Each year, the six IIMs conduct a common admission process. Last year the CAP Process for new IIMs was conducted by IIM Udaipur, and was conducted by IIM Trichy the year before. 

According to official notification released, “The six new IIMs (Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Trichy and Udaipur) have decided to adopt a common process of WAT & PI to be coordinated this year by IIM Kashipur. In case any of the older IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode and Lucknow) are willing to share their WAT& PI scores with the six new IIMs, the common candidates who have applied to new IIMs, need not to appear for WAT& PI process separately, else they have to appear. The common candidates will be intimated the names of older IIMs sharing WAT & PI scores with new IIMs in due course of time.”

All required information, such as shortlist criteria, will be released by IIM Kashipur after CAT 2015 scores are announced. 

Here is the overview of which institute is leading/conducting the Admission process for which institute.

IIM Kashipur

IIM Raipur

IIM Ranchi

IIM Rohtak

IIM Trichy

IIM Udaipur

Process conducted by IIM Kashipur
IIM Nagpur IIM Ahmedabad to lead the Admissions
IIM Bodhgaya IIM Indore to lead the Admissions
IIM Sirmaur IIM Lucknow to lead the Admissions
IIM Sambalpur IIM Calcutta to lead the Admissions
IIM Amritsar IIM Kozhikode to lead the Admissions
IIM Visakhapatnam IIM Bangalore to lead the Admissions