CAT 2018 Results were announced on January 5, 2019. The link CAT 2018 Results is made live on the official website of IIM. Reportedly, IIM calls have already been released, with students already receiving calls for IIM Kozhikode Interview Process. IIMs Shortlist and Admission Criteria 2019 has been changed making it more lucrative for the candidates from all academic backgrounds. The IIM Kozhikode Interview Process consists of Essay Writing (WAT) and Group Discussion (GD), followed by Personal Interview.

Check out IIM Kozhikode Shortlist and Admission Criteria 2019 here.

IIM K Interview


Average Time Duration for WAT is 15 minutes and the Word Limit is 150. The Average Time Duration for GD is 15 minutes with 10-12 participants.

IIM Kozhikode Interview Process: Topics for WAT and GD

  • Should India move to a Presidential form of Government?
  • Is population in India an asset or liability?
  • Is ‘Right to privacy’ in danger in India.
  • Stepping stones or Stumbling Blocks, they solely depend on the way you see them.
  • Doing something right saves the time better than explaining doing something wrong.
  • With an increasing unemployment, India should ban all its efforts on self-driving cars.
  • History has taught us enough. Now we must start learning our own modern-day lessons.
  • The government should not bail out nationalized banks which are bankrupt.
  • Should India finance its infrastructure through the internal finances or external borrowings?
  • Has Planning commission or NITI Aayog changed at ground level?
  • Strength does not come from physical capacity. It is derived from an indomitable will.
  • Is UDAAN scheme just beneficial on paper or will it have its effects on the ground level?
  • Data and Digitization are no solutions to agrarian distress.
  • Should India focus on Smart Cities when 30 crores of the citizens are still without electricity?

Personal Interview (PI)

Average Duration: 20 minutes.
No. of Panelists: 2.

General Questions

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Questions about the cities you have been/lived in?
  • Why MBA?
  • Why Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode(IIM K)?
  • Which other IIMs you have gotten interview calls from? Which IIM would you prioritize among all?

Work Related Questions

  • How do you think the company that you are working is doing? Are you aware of how it is doing financially?
  • If you were to recommend changes to your current company as a consultant, what would that be and why?
  • What was your last project all about? How do you think it would benefit all the customers?

General Knowledge Questions

  • Explain Demand-Supply Law in Economics.
  • Have you read the latest budget? What are the key highlights of this budget?
  • Why has the Indian IT Industry grown significantly in the past decade? What factors have contributed to its growth?
  • What do you know about the 2G scam? Do you agree with it being a scam? Do you think auctioning a country’s natural resources are best for the people of the country? Why?

Hobbies & Interest based Questions

  • Which is your favorite book? Detailed inquiries about the book?
  • If you say you like to travel, which is your favorite location? Details about the tourist spots around your current location.

IIM Kozhikode Interview Process

Candidate Name: Ramraj.


  • 10th: 84.67 (RBSE).
  • 12th: 74.77(RBSE).
  • Graduation: 7.78- Electronics and Communication Engineering-NIT Trichy.
  • Work Exp: 30 Months-Automobile Sector.

WAT Topic: History has taught us enough. Now we must start learning our own modern-day lessons.

GD: Same topic as WAT.

IIM Kozhikode Interview Panelists- P1 and P2.

P1: Give us a brief introduction about yourself.

C: After the well-rehearsed introduction where I spoke about my strengths, work experience, and extracurriculars. I also mentioned about the Patent and Marketing Project and College Events.

P1: Tell us about your work. What do you do?

C: Explained about my roles and responsibilities.

P1: You are working in X Company. Who are your competitors?

C: We have 7 Product Categories and have different competitors in these categories. In M&HCV Category Ashok Leyland and Eicher are the major competitors, In ILCV, Ashok Leyland is the major competitor, in LCV Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and Eicher are the major competitors…

*Interrupted by P1*

P1: Ramraj, I do not know what this M&HCV is?

C: Sir based on the Vehicle load capacity, products are divided into different categories. M&HCV is Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Capacity is greater than 16T, for ILCV it is in between 7.5T to 15.5T, for LCV it is 3.5T to 7.5T.

*Interrupted by P1*

P1: What are your products in the Car Segment?

C: Explained the recently launched products and their sales statistics and about their market share.

P1: Why did your market share decline?

C: Explained my view on this and about the reliability and durability of our products in the targeted segment.

P1: Asked about the designations and the annual increment.

C: Explained the restructuring, turn around exercise at the company, and talked about the financial performance in the last quarter.

P2: So you being an Electronics and Communication Engineer. What is the definition of Electronics?

*Interrupted by P2*

P2: Which other calls you got Ramraj?

C: I got calls from IIMB, IIML, New IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, FMS.

P2: How was your Lucknow and Bangalore interview?

C: IIM Bangalore interview is on 26th Feb and Lucknow was my first interview. Overall it was a good learning experience for me.

P2: What is the definition of Electronics?

C: Electronics deals with the decision-making process while electrical deals only with the power transmission.

P2: What is Communication?

C: Communication is all about the signal transmission.

P2: What are the various communication techniques?

C: Communication techniques are Analog Signals, Digital Signals, 2G,3G and 4G.

P2: What is Passband?

C: A particular range of frequency can pass through it.

P2: What is Stopband?

C: It blocks a particular range of frequency.

P2: Who is the deputy Prime Minister of India?

C: Sir currently we donot have any Deputy Prime Minister.

P2: Anyone in past. Tell me a name.

C: I do not know Sir.

P2: Who is the Vice President of India?

C: Sir Hon’ble Venkaiah Naidu is the Vice President of India.

P2: Any Questions for us?

C: No Sir.

P2: Best of luck for your other interviews. Thank You.

C: Thank you Sir. Have a nice day.

IIM Kozhikode Interview Process: Observation

The panelists need to assess and evaluate the real person inside you. The panelists want to check the level of dedication of the aspirant. They are eager to find out how organized an aspirant is about his/her career. Also, they are curious to understand how the candidate wants to shape his career and how a Management degree will help him in achieving the same.

While answering the questions, the candidates should be confident, calm and sensible. He/she should be attentive, exhibiting a high level of self-esteem while giving an introduction and organizing skills while communicating to them.

The panelists have different set of questions for every aspirant. Most of the questions are to check who drives the interview – the aspirant or the panel!

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