The Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, popularly known as IIM Lucknow or IIM-L is one of the most prestigious and reputed business institutes in Lucknow.

IIM Lucknow is recognized as an “Institute of Excellence” by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. This institute also serves as a mentor institute for the newly established IIM Institutes like IIM Jammu, IIM Rohtak and IIM Kashipur.

IIM Lucknow has its own procedure for taking admissions to its Post-graduate management programs. Nearly every year, around 2 lakhs aspirants appear for CAT Examination, and many among them manage to secure admissions to IIM Lucknow.

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IIM Lucknow Admission Procedure 2019

The aspirants willing to take admissions into IIM Lucknow, however, are supposed to clear the CAT 2018 cutoff to be eligible for 2019 IIM Lucknow Admissions Interview call. On the basis of this list, the candidates are shortlisted for the remaining selection process.

The Selection Procedure for IIM Lucknow is divided into the following two steps:

  • Stage 1: Shortlisting for Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).
  • Stage 2: Final selection of candidates for PGP/PGP-ABM/PGP-SM programme.

The brief description of Stage 1 is given below:

WAT– WAT stands for Writing Ability Test. In this round, the candidates have to write on a given topic within the given time duration which is about 25 minutes. The word limit for this is about 300 words.

The expected topics for this year’s WAT can be as follows:

  • Is cryptocurrency a gimmick or a potent game changer?
  • Is India ready for cashless Economy?
  • Startup India: Boosting Entrepreneurship.
  • Will automation and artificial intelligence reduce or increase jobs?
  • Is Trump Creating World Trade War?

Personal Interview– In the Personal Interview, the candidates are questioned hard by the panellists. Each interview lasts for around 30 minutes. This round is tricky and thus, you need to be quick, smart and humorous at the same time. Most importantly, just be you. Don’t try to fake yourself.

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Candidate’s Personal Experience in an IIM Lucknow Interview

IIM Lucknow

The WAT and PI rounds for the Final Merit List selection criteria have higher weightage. These are the rounds which decide whether you will be able to make it into IIM Lucknow or not.

So, for your help, let us share with you some experiences of a candidate who has already faced the IIM Lucknow Interview.

Background of the Candidate:

  • The candidate is a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from a renowned private institute.
  • The candidate has scored 85.6% in B. Tech (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering).
  • The candidate scored an overall CAT Percentile of 99.4.
  • The percentiles scored by the candidate in different sections were as 99.3 in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), 99.67 in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and 95.6 in Quantitative Analysis (QA).
  • The score of the candidate is 89.7% in 10th ICSE and 85% in 12th ISC.
  • The candidate belonged to General Category.
  • The candidate was ‘female’.
  • The hobbies of the candidates were – reading novels and playing basketball (where she was the star player in her college team).

WAT topic given to the candidate: The topic allotted for the WAT round was, ‘Is privatization the only way to bring down the real prices in the power and electricity industries?’

Personal Interview: After giving the WAT and waiting for almost two hours, the candidate was called inside the Personal Interview room. There were three panellists ready like growling tigers waiting for the moment when they can start darting out their questions on the candidate.

The panelists are referred as P1, P2 and P3 and the candidate is referred as C in the discussion below. The interview of the candidate started as:

C: Good afternoon. (Greeting the panellists)

P1: Good afternoon. Have a seat. (Pointing to a chair placed in the center)

P2: Tell us about yourself. (Trying to find out some points to put up questions)

C: I am an Electronics Engineer. I am from Lucknow. (The panellist interrupts)

P1: What is the best thing about your city? (Checking my General Knowledge)

C: Lucknow is popularly known as the city of Nawabs. It is famous for its Mughlai cuisines and  Nawabi culture. Its chikan work is in great demand all around the globe…… (Revisiting more of Lucknow works when the third panelist finally spoke)

P3: Okay. You are an Engineer, why do you want to do MBA? Why not an M. Tech? (Trying to know the reason for the change of field)

C: I chose MBA because I want to learn new skills and plus, an Engineer with Management skills will be able to run an industry more smoothly. (Thinking that they were satisfied with my answer)

P3: Do you know out of top 100 CEOs only 29 have MBA degree? What have you to say about the rest? (Contradicting my point)

C: They are really lucky people sir. (Smiling) That can’t be possible in every case. (Again passing a smile in a hope that they are satisfied)  

P2: What is Avogadro number? (Started asking technical question)

C: 6.023*10^23 (Speaking promptly)

P2: Okay, what it actually is? (Checking my academic knowledge)

C: It is the number of units in one mole of any substance. (I generalized it)

P1: What elements are mostly used in making diodes and chips? (Testing my knowledge about my branch)

C: It is mostly made of Germanium and Silicon. (I said confidently)

P2: Out of these two which is preferred more? (Staring at me)

C: Silicon. (I said nervously)

P2: Why? (Still staring)

C: Valence electrons in Silicon are closer to the nucleus as compared to that in Germanium and hence at higher temperatures, silicon is more stable than Germanium. (I completed)

P1: What are your hobbies? (Shifting from the academics)

C: I love reading novels and playing basketball. (Telling them calmly)

P1: Who is your favourite author? Name two of his novels. (Checking my knowledge about my interests)

C: Sidney Sheldon is my favourite author. Two of his best works which I have read are ‘The Angel of Death’ and ‘Memories of Midnight Dreams’. (I said excitedly)

P3: You also play basketball; tell me the positions in basketball. (Asking curiously)

C: There are five positions in basketball. Point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and the center. (I said promptly)

P3: Who is your favorite basketball player? From which team he or she plays? (Enquiring more about basketball)

C: LeBron Raymone James from America. (I said excitedly) He plays for Los Angeles Lakers…. (The panelist interrupted)

P1: Thank You. You may leave. (I let out a sigh of relief)

C: Thank you. (I got up and departed)

Result: The candidate got selected.

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Observation of the candidate as per the IIM Lucknow Interview 

The panelists need to assess and evaluate the real person inside you. They don’t need mugged up answers, which are taught by the coaching institutes to the aspirants. Every person has its own thought process and the panelists need to understand that.

They want to access your things according to the requirement for the management purpose. Apart from this, the panelists also want to know the orientation of the aspirant, the career path and how focused the candidate is for that.

Also, the panelists want to check the level of dedication of the aspirant. They are eager to find out how organized an aspirant is about his career. Also, they are curious to understand how the candidate wants to shape his career and how a Management degree will help him in achieving the same.

For approximately every interview, however, the ‘Why MBA?’question is mandatory. And every IIM Admission aspirant should be prepared for that. Apart from this, most of the questions revolve around the life and academics of the aspirant.

While answering the questions, however, the candidate should be confident, calm and sensible. He or she should be attentive, exhibiting a high level of self-esteem while giving introduction and organizing skills while communicating to them.

The panelists have a different set of question for every aspirant. Most of the questions are to check who drives the interview – the aspirant or the panel!

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