On popular demand we bring to you in this article a very tricky comparison of 4 new IIMs : IIM Ranchi vs IIM Rohtak vs IIM Udaipur vs IIM Trichy. Let us get to the finer details and compare these colleges. 

IIM Ranchi vs Rohtak vs Udaipur vs Trichy

Age of B School

The older the IIM, broader is the alumni base which leads to increased chances for placements nearing 100% as well as contribute to the quality and diversity of profiles at offer. 

IIM Rohtak was established in 2009, IIM Ranchi in 2010(However both Rohtak and Ranchi had their classes commenced from 2010) and IIM Udaipur & IIM Trichy were established in 2011. Thus IIM Udaipur and IIM Trichy lag behind IIM Rohtak and IIM Ranchi slightly. Thus, the former are still struggling to get all the industry names visit their campus which already visit IIM Ranchi and IIM Rohtak, with same profiles being offered. 

Batch Strength

  • IIM Rohtak – 250 students
  • IIM Ranchi – 150 students for PGDM and 40 for HRM
  • IIM Udaipur – 260 students
  • IIM Trichy – 210 students

Batch strength is not a major difference among all the 4 IIMs.


  • IIM Rohtak – INR 12 lakh+ 
  • IIM Ranchi – INR 12.5 lakh+
  • IIM Udaipur – INR 13.5 lakh+
  • IIM Trichy – INR 12 lakh+

IIM Udaipur has the worst RoI across the 4 institutes, when the fee is compared with the median placement figures. 

Placements IIM Ranchi vs Rohtak vs Udaipur vs Trichy

Average CTC

  • IIM Rohtak – INR 11.7 lakh
  • IIM Ranchi – INR 15.09 lakh for PGDM, INR 14.67 for HRM
  • IIM Udaipur – INR 13.16 lakh
  • IIM Trichy – INR 14.2 lakh

Median CTC

  • IIM Rohtak – INR 14.6 lakh
  • IIM Ranchi – INR 14.75 lakh for PGDM, INR 13.5 lakh for HRM
  • IIM Udaipur – INR 14.3 lakh
  • IIM Trichy – INR 13 lakh

Number of companies visiting

  • IIM Rohtak – 90 companies
  • IIM Ranchi – 89 companies for PGDM, 52 for HRM
  • IIM Udaipur – 62 companies
  • IIM Trichy – 113 companies

Based on the placements and considering the fact that relatively similar profiles are offered at all 4, order as per placement scenario would see IIM Ranchi being ahead of other 3. IIM Ranchi will be followed by IIM Rohtak followed by IIM Udaipur followed by IIM Trichy. 

Career Anna Recommendation

Out of the 3, IIM Rohtak is certainly the best choice. 

For 2nd choice, IIM Ranchi is a no brainer.

For 3rd choice, between IIM Udaipur and IIM Trichy, you can select based on your location preference.