We are delighted to announce that CareerAnna Team has added another feather to its cap by interviewing Mr. Dheeraj Sharma, Director at IIM Rohtak. The team discusses the newly launched Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Rohtak, their Admission Criteria, Exam Pattern, Selection Process, Campus, Placements and more. Read on to know more about the prestigious institute of IIM Rohtak, their latest developments, Mr. Sharma’s take on the newly launched IPM Programme and how it will benefit students. 

CareerAnna Team Interviews Mr. Dheeraj Sharma on IPM Programme

Brief Profile: Dheeraj Sharma, Director IIM Rohtak

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma is Director, Indian Institute of Management Rohtak and also Professor (on lien) at  the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has taught or presented research at several educational institutions in North America, Europe and Asia.

Prof. Sharma has a Doctoral degree with a major in Marketing and a double minor in Psychology and Quantitative Analysis from Louisiana Tech University. His primary research interests are “relationships” in the organisational domain.

Prof. Sharma has over 100 articles published in reputable journals and conference proceedings and has authored several books. He has served as a consultant or in advisory roles with Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of Gujarat, Govt. of Punjab, and Govt. of Delhi. He has consulted or conducted training programs for a large number of multinational companies, national companies, and various “governments of India” departments.

1. What are the reasons which have motivated the decision behind IIM Rohtak starting Integrated Programme in Management?

At IIM Rohtak, we nurture the best management talent in the country and work diligently to produce business leaders who will exhibit superior work-ethic, high commitment, and positive attitude.

During my tenure at IIM Rohtak, I have tried to meet as many faculty, staff, students, and corporate leaders as I could. Through many exchanges, I have come to appreciate the uniqueness of IIM Rohtak’s learning experience that ties us together. Therefore, an idea to create a holistic programme that is unique and free from curriculum redundancies has led us to introduce a Five-Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM). This programme will provide a unique blend of foundational knowledge of various social science subjects along with core management subjects which will result in the development of a deeper understanding of the multifaceted world of business for the participating students.

2. Can you please shed some light on the key features which aspirants may expect from the course?

IPM is a comprehensive management programme that has a combined course of management studies from Under-graduate (UG) to Postgraduate (PG). The programme aims at moulding outstanding young student managers and leaders. After five years of study in the IPM programme, candidates will be eligible to receive both Bachelors and Masters degree in management. Placement facilitation will be provided to those who finished the five-year program. Notably, IPM also offers an exit option with a Bachelors degree after three years of study in the program.

3. How is the IPM Course by IIM Rohtak unique in comparison to the IPM Course by IIM Indore?

The overall objective of the programme is to leverage young talents to business leadership roles. The program will specifically equip the participants with analytical thinking, interpersonal competence, and decision making with an ethical orientation. Our program uniquely offers various courses in the domain of analytics that not only aid the conceptualization of frameworks, but also the development of skill required for analytics.  In addition, students in the IPM program are exposed to a unique blend of theory and practice which will possibly result in superior learning and career outcomes for the participants. For the aforementioned objective, IPM participants will be taught by a combination of distinguished faculty from IIM Rohtak, faculty of top institutions in India and abroad, as well top government and industry experts.

4. How do you foresee industry to respond to IPM Course by IIM Rohtak for Summer and Final Placements?

IIM Rohtak has made a significant mark in the industry through a spectacular placement record over the years with many top analytics, financial, and marketing jobs and job roles coming to our students.  

The uniquely developed curriculum of the IPM Programme combines theory and practice to provide students with greater self-confidence combined with superior skills that aid them to build a rewarding career. Analytical skills, managerial perspective, and ethical foundation will act as a catalyst to their understanding of the real-world problems. This unique proposition is a win-win situation for the industry to hire such professionals, as they will have a pragmatic understanding of the corporate expectations and hence be confident to face real-time challenges. Thus, we foresee a great response from the industry in terms of placement opportunities for IPM students.

5. Please share some insights on the infrastructure, teaching facilities, and hostel facilities for the inaugural batch of IPM at IIM Rohtak?

The state-of-the-art 200-acre campus of IIM Rohtak is situated just 90 minutes from Delhi International Airport. The campus is spread over 200 acres and we have already built top-class facilities of classrooms, seminar hall, open auditorium, activity centre, etc. to facilitate and nurture an environment for the best student learning outcome. Campus offers LAN and Wi-fi combination in all corners. The institute has well established Knowledge Resource Centre, IT Resource Centre, transport facility, student-run convenience store, etc. for the convenience of the students and the faculty. Nearly all faculty and staff reside inside the campus. This provides greater opportunities for interactive learning. Institute will arrange for appropriate hostel facilities for the IIM Rohtak IPM batch. Also, IPM candidates will be taught by a combination of distinguished faculty from IIM Rohtak, faculty of top institutions in India as well as abroad, industry experts, and experts from the government.

6. What can students expect in terms of difficulty level of the exam? Would it be more on the lines of CAT or more inclined towards Class 12th Mathematics topics like Calculus?

IIM Rohtak IPM Aspirants who are planning to appear for the entrance exam must prepare for three major sections: Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability. The format will be borrowed from the pattern of both SAT and CAT exams. The difficulty level depends on the level of preparedness of the students’ aforementioned areas.

7. Would any specific weight be given to class 10th and 12th marks for final selection?

The minimum eligibility criterion for an IPM aspirant includes 60% in class 10th and 12th. Thus, on an academic front, a candidate must have a good knowledge of the subjects studied, as 10% weightage will be given to the past academics of the candidate while preparing the final merit list.

8. What are the key areas which IIM Rohtak would look in aspirants for their final selection during Personal Interview?

A personal interview will help the interviewer understand the general attitude, career aspirations, communication skills, and general awareness of the candidate. Hence, good general knowledge, self-awareness, positive attitude, and communication skills are a few sought-after qualities in an IPM programme aspirant. Finally, the interviewers would like to understand if the interest and career aspirations of the candidate are aligned with the objective of the programme.  

9. Please give some message for IPM Aspirants who wish to be a part of IIM Rohtak legacy?

I hope that IPM program’s curriculum will combine theory and practice to provide participants with greater self-confidence along with superior skills that will aid them to build a rewarding career. Also, the IPM program will provide the participants with an opportunity to engage in immersive learning opportunities that may encourage them to become decisive, ethical, and accountable business leaders.

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