One of the most frequently asked questions by IIFT Aspirants is around the importance of GK in IIFT Exam. There are discussions around whether one should skip GK or should one make it a strong area and leverage to maximize the score in least possible time. Let us have an insightful analysis on importance of GK in IIFT and how can we take the benefit out of it with some focused and refined preparation, where we do not study the noise spread around in the name of GK Material but just the select topics.

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Importance of GK in IIFT

Exam Components
The written admission test to MBA Programme in IIFT consists of multiple choice objective type questions (in English). IIFT entrance comprises the questions covering English Comprehension, General Knowledge & Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis.

There are no fixed number of questions in IIFT entance test, their number may go anywhere in the range of 115 to 130.

Data Interpretation in the exam is highly calculation intensive with some of the strangest numbers possible in the DI Caselets, Quantitative Aptitude is relatively tougher, Reading Comprehensions are very long and hence time consuming, while LR is again varying from moderate to difficult level.

With above distribution of questions, it becomes very important for us to save time for Quant, DI, LR and RC and ensure that we have some marks in the bucket over and above them to ensure we have maximized the score. GK is the only section where you can do it easily. You may easily score 10-12 marks (assuming 15 marks of GK) within in just 10 minutes and keep remaining 100 minutes for rest of the examination. And 10-12 marks will ensure you have an edge of atleast 6-8 marks over anyone else who is even better than you in DI, LR, RC and Quant but is not prepared at all in GK.

How is the GK Section set in IIFT

While many will say that IIFT GK consists of mainly the conventional GK, having cracked 23 out of 26 questions of IIFT GK Section last year; we at Career Anna can vouch that IIFT GK is much beyond the conventional one. 

GK section in IIFT consists of analytical, policy know hows and environmental awareness of the surroundings as well. This is over and above the importance given to International Affairs and Business happenings. 
Number of questions in the GK Section may vary anywhere between 25 to 30 and have approximately 15% weightage of the total maximum marks. Usually there are sectional cutoffs in IIFT and one cannot completely skip any of the sections. However, if we prepare intelligently, we can easily grab atleast 75 to 80 percent of the IIFT GK Questions correctly and ensure that we have maximized our score. Not to forget here that IIFT gives high importance to the written exam score in the final convert and hence higher score will always help.

Components of General Knowledge and Awareness
Important components of General Awareness in IIFT entrance would be as follows-
A. Conventional
B. Business, Finance & Economy based
C. Current Affairs India (Political, Social, Sports, Films, awards etc.)
D. International ( personalities-past & Present, global events etc.)

Each part needs due weightage. Conventional GK is available in books; Current GK is based on current reading of newspapers and periodicals; Business & Economics GK reflect the changes in Fiscal and monetary policy, CRR, Repo Rate, Devaluation and up valuation of Rupee.

Have clarity while preparing for IIFT GK
There may be certain confusing names, events and the aspirants tend to forget the exact description which means you may not be so good to manage the future affairs with this weakness. So have clarity and understand the difference, for example difference among the abbreviations like G-8, D-8, G-15, G-20, NATO, OAS, OPEC, OAPEC, OECD, OIC, APEC, ADB, ASEAN, EEC, EU, EFTA, SAARC, WCC, WTO, should be well understood and remembered in context so that you may not forget the same in the testing room.

Know what to study

We will keep it crisp and clear here. We will not suggest you to study from 50 different sources, get confused and at the end, stop studying for GK out of the frustration. Two simple things to refer here: 

1. You may refer to GK Capsules provided by TIME and/or CL – They are decent. 

2. Last but certainly not the least, Just religiously study the IIFT GK Material which we provide to you in our IIFT GK Course and IIFT Mocks+GK Combo Course. Rest, leave it on us to prepare the content focused on IIFT Pattern and we assure that you will be able to solve more than 75% of the GK Section in just 10 minutes.

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