Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation has become the most important section of CAT exam over the last few years and in this article, we bring to you a list of Important CAT LRDI Topics and Question Break up. 

Important CAT LRDI Topics and Question Break up

First, let us have a look at the expected difficulty level of different topics and the expected number of questions.

Topic Expected Difficulty Level Expected Number of Questions
Logical DI  Moderate 2 to 3 caselets (8 – 12 Questions)
Awkward DI Caselet Moderate to Difficult 1 to 2 caselets (4 to 8 Questions)
Bar Graph and Line Graph Easy  1 caselet ( 4 Questions)
Arrangements and Selections Easy to Moderate 1 caselet ( 4 Questions)
Pie Charts and Venn Diagram Moderate 1 to 2 caselets (4 to 8 Questions)
Puzzles Easy to Moderate 1 to 2 caselets (4 to 8 Questions)
Tournament Based Caselet Moderate 0 to 1 caselet ( 0 to 4 Questions)

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Now, let us have a look at the following table to get an idea about the minimum number of questions of varying difficulty level that you should practice from here to ensure you are well equipped for these topics by the time you get back to sectional tests and start mauling new pattern mocks. 

Topic Minimum number for Practice
Logical DI  40 Caselets
Awkward DI Caselet 50 Caselets
Bar Graph and Line Graph 50 Caselets
Arrangements and Selections 75 Caselets
Pie Charts and Venn Diagram 75 Caselets
Puzzles 50 Caselets
Tournament Based Caselet 20 Caselets

Practice as much as you can and solve as many mocks as you can. Remember, if you score well in a particular section, it will help in improving your overall percentile. Hope this outline helps. All the Best!

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