On popular demand, we bring to you in this article the most important IIFT Topics for written exam. IIFT Mock Test Series and IIFT GK Course takes care of these topics in the way IIFT exams gives out these topics in the exam. 

Important IIFT Topics

Quantitative Aptitude

Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, Functions & Graphs 6-7 Questions
Time Speed Distance, Time Work, Profit Loss, Mixture Allegations, Ratio and Proportion, Simple and Compound Interest 5-6 Questions
Circles, Mensuration, Parallelogram, Heights and Distance 4-5 Questions
PnC and Probability 2-3 Questions

Other topics include Number System and Logarithms from which very few questions would come in the exam.

Verbal Ability

Reading Comprehension 16-20 Questions
Vocabulary based Questions  – Fill in the blanks, Word roots, Analogies, Match the table 8-10 Questions
Parajumbles 3-4 Questions
Sentence Correction / Improvement 2-3 Questions

Logical Reasoning 

Selections, Arrangements and Distributions 9-11 Questions
Matrix based Arrangement 3-4 Questions
Venn Diagram 2-3 Questions
Input Output 2-3 Questions

Other topics include Series, Sequence and Missing Numbers, from which very few questions would come in the exam. 

Data Interpretation

Mixed Graphs (Combination of two of the Bar Graphs, Line Graphs and Pie charts in the same question) 10-12 Questions
Tables and Line Graphs 7-8 Questions

General Knowledge

Business Awareness 10-12 Questions
Current Affairs 4-6 Questions
Geography 2-3 Questions
Sports, Books and Authors, Awards 2 Questions

IIFT Mock Test Series and IIFT Mocks and GK Course help you ensure that you prepared in the right way and are able to score high in IIFT Exam, as written exam score has very high weightage in final IIFT Convert.