On popular demand, we bring to you this special coverage on Job Profile of a Specialist Officer. This will help you in making a better choice for pursuing a career in Banking and as a Specialist Officer in reputed banks of the country. While Probationary Officers and Clerks take care of the day to day operations and business in a bank, role of a Specialist Officer is to take care of all the background activities in a bank in respective specialized areas or to take care of the customer facing roles related to Marketing.

Job Profile of a Specialist Officer

As a Specialist Officer, functions depend on the area of specialization.

IT Specialist Officer 

IT Specialist Officer has to oversee the technological perspectives of Banking operations, whether it be on the software end or the hardware end. This relates to effectively using the Banking Softwares like Finacle, FLEXCUBE, BanCS, SAP etc. Initially the IT Specialist officer is made to undergo the training in above functions, so that he may troubleshoot the software, and service the computers and networks that run the Banking Business Operations.

Once the IT Specialist Officer reaches a senior position, he should be able to assess the future IT interests of the bank, plan scaling of IT infrastructure, issue tenders, and report IT vacancies to the HR department. He virtually works on enhancing the customer experience and help the bank to acquire more customers.

Bank Specialist as Agricultural Field Officer

The major responsibility is to promote Banking Services and Products among farmers and cultivators. The work includes evaluation of property and assets of potential customers, and suggest a reliable approach for increasing the crop yield and performance; in a way that it profits the banks as well. Also, they need to be able to communicate the latest technologies (like GreenHouse and Hi Tech Farming) to farmers and explain the related financial products (like Kisan Credit Cards) to them.

Marketing Specialist Officer

The major responsibility revolves around improving market presence and profits of the bank through appropriate marketing campaigns and promotions activities. Marketing Specialist Officer should have knowledge of the financial products of the bank and the ability to devise the plans to sell them to High Net worth Individuals as well as others. This also includes lead generation for the same and the required follow ups as well.

Specialist Officer in HR Cadre

As a junior HR Specialist Officer, one is required to handle the training and induction of new employees, circulate appraisal forms, form leave schedules, creation of salary accounts etc.

Senior HR Managers conduct recruitment interviews, address labor laws, employee promotions and other critical Human Resources related activities.

HR Specialists are also required to convey the open vacancies to recruiting agencies like IBPS.

Lawyers as Specialist Officer

Lawyers are expected to work on the different bank policies, in consultation with senior managers. They also form the instructions and conditions mentioned in the customer application forms of loan, opening up of accounts, credit cards etc. They also appear for respective banks in courts, sending notices to defaulting customers, and help the bank in taking over attached properties if required.

Chartered Accountant as Specialist Officer

Chartered Accountants do all the auditing related activities in the bank and are the heads of all accounting related activities. CAs hold top offices like financial planner, tax guru, and advisers to General Managers. They also take care of checking the accuracy of Profit and Loss Statements, and other documents for the investor community. CA should also be able to suggest bank for profitable operations based on RBI Policy.