Most b-schools in India have more than 70% engineers in every batch , and many of them have work-ex in the range of 1-3 years. Out of these, 70% engineers have work experience in an IT firm. Most of them leave their jobs for better future, better profile, switching domains or some are just simply tired of coding. Today in this article we will explore some career options in IT post MBA and this is applicable to every aspirant; be it a one with work experience or a fresher. Let us have a look at Job Profiles After MBA in IT.

Job Profiles After MBA in IT


Job Profiles After MBA in IT

1. Pre-Sales

The responsibilities include but are not limited to working on RFIs, RFPs, Project Estimations, Competitive Market Analysis, Opportunity Identification, Negotiations with Finance Teams and Presentation for Clients. It is considered to be a perfect heads-up for the role of Business Development Manager which is nothing but front end Sales Profile in IT.

Pre-sales can be of 2 types: One is horizontal pre-sales and other is account based pre-sales horizontal pre-sales is looked after by MBAs hired as pre-sales consultant / associate consultant and account pre-sales can be looked after by either BA (for a small account) or pre-sales consultant (for a big account).

Client trusts the Pre-Sales person the most as he is considered to be one aware about what is being suggested by the vendor. Pre-Sales people are the go-to guys in any IT company and front end Sales Team, Delivery Managers and Leadership all look upon them for coming up with breakthrough ideas/identifications to generate more revenues for the company.
Career Growth beginning from a Pre-Sales Consultant can be into diverse lines: One may get into Domain Consulting, can get into Delivery Roles if interested in Project Management stuff and at last but not the least, may get into front end sales which is the most obvious progression.

2. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst acts as an interface between the customer and delivery team. Business analysts understand the business processes and customer requirements followed by a need gap analysis and finally document them properly in a format that the delivery team (developers) understands. The developers in turn convert those business problems into technical problems and provide technical solutions for them.

Apart from the above, BAs act as Single Point of Contact for the client and are regarded as Subject Matter Expert by the client for the ongoing project(s). It is the position that again holds high in front of client and includes a good amount of client interaction.

3. Functional /Technical IT Consultants

They are responsible for understanding the business processes of the customers and implementing packaged ERP/SCM/CRM software (like SAP, Oracle) after making the necessary customizations.
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is meant for streamlining business processes internally within an organization
CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is related to Customer management from booking to delivery, after-sales etc
SCM(Supply Chain Management) is related to management of suppliers of an organization

You may Google to know more about above terms or may let us know if you want to know more about them in upcoming articles! 🙂

4. Project Manager

Project Managers are involved in a project right from the stage of requirements gathering. They are required to do Planning, Estimation, Resource (People, Hardware, Software etc.) and time management. Tools like MS Project, IPM + are heavily used by PMs. This is more internal to the company and the interaction with the client may not be of the same level as the delivery manager. This has more to do with the internal operations of the company and the project.

We hope this article succeeds in throwing some light on career prospects in IT post MBA. Feel free to pour in your feedback in the comments section or on our FB page. And yes, please do hit Like button if you enjoyed reading!

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