Learning Beyond Textbooks at B Schools has been the topic of debate and contention over last few years especially when it comes to Indian B Schools. In addition to IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta; there are some of the reputed B Schools like IMT Ghaziabad and SPJIMR Mumbai too which have been promoting efficient Learning Beyond Textbooks through their innovative learning oriented curriculum which provides effective exposure to students.


Learning Beyond Textbooks at B Schools

According to a country-wide survey conducted, approximately 68 percent of Indian students at B Schools feel stressed in their careers due to the learning being limited to textbooks at B Schools. This induces such stress through the examination-oriented, rote-memorisation method of learning propagated by most schools. Such as that everyone has started finding MBA education to be stifling, ineffective, and sometimes harmful for the emotional and mental growth.

Unschooling is an educational philosophy that emphasises natural learning through life experiences rather than through traditional academic structure and curriculum. The practice is predicated on the belief that students reach a deeper comprehension of subjects and retain more information if learning occurs organically.Unschooled students don’t take tests or memorise facts according to a set curriculum. Instead, unschooling allows students to determine their own interests, set their own agendas, and actively engage with the world around them. Under the unschooling philosophy, everyday activities become springboards for learning opportunities.

Students are engaged in active dialogues with Faculties, work on live projects with them, continuously engage with B School alumni, work on live projects and take different initiatives in respective specializations to develop more of applied learning habits instead of orthodox textbook learning. Faculty and the College resources act as facilitators to their children (instead of being a teacher) providing necessary resources for students to accomplish their goals and foster greater engagement with the real world.

Research by Mckinsey shows that students of B Schools where learning happens beyond textbooks tend to be overwhelmingly self-motivated and self-directed individuals who undertake entrepreneurial careers. Unschooled students also report a relatively seamless transition into adult life, having had a broad range of learning opportunities and a richer, age-mixed social life from a young age.

When it comes to deciding between B Schools where learning is even today limited to text books as compared to B Schools which are taking much more application oriented approach, we suggest students to go for B Schools which promote learning beyond textbooks. In addition to IIMs, colleges like NITIE Mumbai, MDI Gurgaon and IMT Ghaziabad are among the leading B Schools in promoting such a methodology which enables students to be much more all rounded management professionals getting ready to leave mark in industry or as entrepreneurs.