While everyone always talks about the Highest and the Average Salary after MBA from IIMs and Top B Schools, it is usually forgotten that there is always a Lowest Salary offered as well at IIMs and other Top B Schools. There are multiple reasons which lead to some surprisingly low figures for some of the IIMs and top B Schools. In this article we will have a look at the reasons behind the lowest salary values  and the values of Lowest Salary after MBA from IIMs and Top B Schools.

Lowest Salary after MBA from IIMs

Lowest Salary after MBA from IIMs and Top B Schools

Who are the students getting Lowest Salary offers?

There are usually two categories of students falling in this zone. 

One set of students are the ones who do not have good academic record, especially even inside the IIMs and top B Schools. There have been instances where a student who had average academic record of say 70 percent throughout ended up in top 10% of the salaries offered at the campus. However, students who had 80 percent throughout but had a weak MBA academics performance, could not bag the best jobs. Hence, the performance inside a B School has a significant weightage in where you land up after MBA. Though this is not the sole criteria. 

Another set of students who fall in this zone are the ones with weak communication skills. Due to the changing selection criteria, even top IIMs are having a set of students who are not having strong communication skills, which becomes the reason for them getting denied of some of the best offers at the respective campuses. 

Last but not the least, with increasing batch sizes of some of the B Schools- it is impossible for the B Schools to place all the students equally well (even on an average). Hence, some of the students have to get at the low salary offers. And hence, the competition and the race even after getting into a B School never ends and one needs to continuously work on developing his/her profile, improve communication skills, extra curriculars and more.

Let us now have a look at the values of lowest salary after MBA from IIMs and Top B Schools.

  2013 2014
IIM Ahmedabad* Rs 6.5 Lac (Domestic) Rs 10 lac (Domestic)
  $ 26,140 (International) $ 34,323 (International)
IIM Calcutta** Rs 8 lac  
IIM Bangalore** Not Available Rs 8 lac (Domestic)
XLRI Jamshedpur** Not Available Rs 11 lac approx
S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research* Rs 3,49,200 (Domestic) Rs 8,83,518 (Domestic)
    $ 31,177 (International)
IIM Lucknow** Rs 6 lac (Domestic) Not Available
IIM Kozhikode** Rs 6 lac (Domestic) Rs 6 lac (Domestic)
IIM Indore** Not Available Rs 6 lac (Domestic)
MDI Gurgaon**   Rs 6 lac (Domestic)
NITIE Mumbai**   Rs 6 lac (Domestic)
T. A. Pai Management Institute* Rs 6 lac (Domestic) Not Available
  $ 28,800 (International)  
Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development* Rs 6,11,770 (Domestic) Not Available
  $ 45,506 (International)  
Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar* Rs 2,40,000 (Domestic) Not Available
IIM Udaipur* Rs 4 lac (Domestic) Not Available
  $ 30,057 (International)  

* Values are from IPRS and CRISIL reports. The values are of Maximum Earning Potential (CTC in common man’s term)

* *Values for these colleges are not provided officially. These values have reached us through students of the respective colleges. 

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