LRDI Strategy to score 99 percentile: Gone are the days when people used to stick to mundane jobs for years, not having any big dreams in life or a burning desire to make a difference in society and the lives of others. These days unconventional careers are thriving and management careers have become the current hot pie in the market, what with creamy leadership roles, fat paychecks and the highs of corporate life.

LRDI Strategy to score 99 Percentile

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” That’s clearly the smartest way to work your way up the corporate career ladder.

I was also one such person who dreamt of a lucrative management career but faced so many hurdles in my way to my favourite B-school. Imagine, an average jobless engineer wading like a duck in the pool of several CAT aspirants and dreaming of a seat in a reputed management institute. I completed electrical engineering from a Tier-3 college and secured a rather low profile in a big company, where I would be just another bolt in a piece of huge machinery and living a mechanical life like Ved from Tamasha which I had no interest in. So after fighting my family’s protests on not taking up the job offers and seeing my friends and peers go ahead to do big things in life, I also decided to join the CAT race and see what it has in store for me.

I was overconfident in the first go, so did not go for an Online CAT Coaching and decided to try for the exam through self-preparation. It is not mandatory to enroll into a coaching to ace this exam, however, I would say this upfront that if you are an average student looking to crack one of the toughest management entrance exams, especially in the first attempt, you must enroll into an online coaching because it is an affordable option which offers a plethora of study material to can be revisited at leisure. Also, it offers you a study group and due guidance as well, which helps infuse discipline in your routine and streamlines your preparation. 

Coming back to my first attempt at the CAT exam, due to poor time-management, lack in speed and other flaws in my preparation, I managed to score only 75 percentile in the LRDI in my first attempt. Due to this poor score in LRDI, I missed out on calls from all top B-schools. I was completely shattered as CAT looked like a far-fetched dream, had no job to speak of and a gap year in my resume, plus the disappointment of my parents who thought I was just wasting time and almost gave up on me. Amid all the tension, my two best friends continued to motivate me saying this is not the end of the world and I maybe should give the exam one more time and make changes on areas where I scored low. Therefore, the first thing I did was research about online and traditional coachings over the internet, and finally decided to enroll in CareerAnna’s Online CAT Coaching which has testimonials of lakhs of students who had scored 98+ percentile and converted IIM A, B and C. Honestly, this was the best decision I ever took as without their help, I would not be able to diagnose my weaknesses and transform them into my strengths.

CareerAnna offers both package courses like Complete MBA Preparation with GD-PI course and even section-wise courses as well, like Online Quant Course, Online Verbal Courseand Online LRDI course. Besides this, the key highlight of subscribing to CareerAnna was the personalised mentorship offered to me, by expert mentors from the coaching and even from the Founder, Mr. Varun Saxena himself, who guided me every step of the way and answered all my CAT exam queries and beyond and held my hand till I was finally admitted into a reputed B-school. It is because of their help that I managed to go from a low 75 percentile in LRDI to a whopping 99.6 percentile. Therefore, I can vouch for this coaching and would recommend it to all CAT 2019 aspirants.

Golden Tips to ace the LRDI section

Where LRDI is concerned, expect the unexpected! There is a reason it is one of the most feared sections from the CAT 2019 exam. However, the CAT exam is a marathon and not a sprint and requires pre-planning. From my first failed attempt at LRDI, the first lesson that I would like to tell you is that instead of having a mindset of solving all the questions in the exam and obviously failing at it, evaluate your own speed and accuracy and go accordingly. In my first attempt at LRDI in the CAT exam, I wanted to solve 27 questions in one hour, around 7 sets, with each set consuming nearly 9 minutes. This is what I did despite being well prepared which made me lose marks in the exam. So, although the number of sets which fetches you 99 percentile in the exam varies every year, an approximate range of correct 14-16 questions would give you a score of 99 percentile in the CAT exam. The LR questions are primarily all or nothing, that if you crack the crux of a problem/problems, the questions that follow can be solved easily. Problem-solving is the main challenge, so generally, if you are not able to solve a question in 5 minutes, move on.

LRDI Strategy to score 99 percentile in LRDI section

The strategy given below is my personal one, the LRDI Strategy to score 99 percentile:

  • Choose the right sets: Choosing the right sets is crucial in the LRDI section. Unlike Quant, all questions here are in their respective sets, which means choosing the wrong set would fetch you not one wrong answer but 4 and waste 10-15 minutes of your time.
  • Time management: It is very important to keep time in check while solving any set. To ace LRDI section, you must get 4-5 sets right, which won’t be too difficult if you are well prepared and choose the right sets to solve. Solving the right sets would take 12-15 minutes in the maximum and if a set takes more time, it means you have picked the wrong set.
  • Be smart: Some sets would be relatively difficult but might have 2-3 easy questions. Have a hawk-eye and solve these.
  • Analyze your options: Before solving a set, you must look at the options given in the questions.
  • Practice: The key to crack this exam is to solve as many mocks as you can. With the right strategy paired with mocks and practice and aforementioned tips, you can improvise on the LRDI section and score better.
  • Both factual passage and sentence correction instructions must be taken into consideration for LR.
  • Read all response choices carefully before either selecting or removing them.
  • In case you need to choose a valid conclusion in a question in LR, always choose the one which follows the given information.
  • Pay special attention to words like all, some, none, only and unless etc. These words sometimes help in specifying facts to be used in reasoning.
  • Questions have words like all or none are not particularly signs of incorrect responses. They can be both correct or incorrect.
  • Questions in assessment might be easy or difficult, so to solve them you must draw diagrams or use schematic notes.
  • Negative prefixes like non, un and dis can be used to identify facts in reasoning.


There is no one book that you can resort to in order to address all your LRDI needs. Study the basics well from study material from any coaching, cover all aspects of the section and draw your own analysis and conclusions. A full mock test in at least 2 weeks is mandatory to excel in this section plus its’ due analysis. Good Luck for CAT 2019!