As I sit to pen my thoughts on my first week here, I can’t help the smile that comes on my face. It has been that kind of an experience; Unparalleled, unpredictable, and totally unexpected. When I walked through the gates of MDI for the first time in my life, there was a sense of apprehension and bewilderment. These are the feelings that usually accompany me when I am at a new place, unsure of myself and the surroundings.

MDI Gurgaon

Campus at Night

The campus was lush green with the dew drops glistening on the blades of the grass. Birds chirped in the background. The red brick buildings were laid out in an orderly fashion that gave the campus an aura of perspicacity and knowledge. Each building has a significant name which reflects the philosophy of the institute. The academic building is ‘Gurukul’, the hostel is ‘Change Masters’ and the secondary academic building is ‘Lakshya’. Much like a diamond amidst coal, the campus stands out in Gurgaon.

The induction week began with a run for making it to classes on time. Students with map sized schedules in hand, checking the venue for the next class;it was almost like seeing ‘The Amazing Challenge’ show live, at MDI. The first week is always a plethora of activities. From new subjects to new professors, from new classmates to new hostel mates, all are a part of the initiation experience. Everyone yearns for that thread of sense in the madness of it all. As the ‘Harry Potter-esque’ haphazard days (of finding secret classrooms and running from building to building) gain some clarity, we are handed a mountain of books. As opposed to the common perception, MDI is not all work and no play. The induction week had a cultural event which had all the students swaying to some awesome song and dance performances belted out by our multitalented ‘Sanskriti’ team. Our seniors threw a surprise Freshers’ party for us where they joined in as well. We danced the night away to some awesome music blaring on the campus. As the official term ensues, the long nights have started. The walks across campus at midnight filled with discussions topics spanning the domain of the universe. The after-hours tea special, provides some respite to the tired body. ‘Prayas’, a student run initiative (more like a life saver) provides necessities at unearthly hours.

MDI Gurgaon

Campus Life

At night, the campus is abuzz not only with cricket sounds, but also with a unique collective energy; an energy that resonates the untiring soul of a typical Mandevian. As I have made new friends, I have also learnt that the path ahead is fraught with difficulties. But I am confident to make it through, because here I have the correct direction and the right platform to excel. I part with these words from Robert Frost- “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep…”

About the Author:

Soubhranshu Chopra is a student at MDI, Gurgaon(Batch of 2013-2015)