In this article we bring to you MAT 2015 Syllabus. 

MAT 2015 Syllabus

The exam has 4 sections. Here is the detailed indicative syllabus for all the 4 sections of the exam.

Quantitative Ability for MAT

Geometry, (Lines, angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Cone etc) Arithmetic progression, Installment Payments,
Ratios and Proportion, Arithmetic mean, Clocks,
Percentages, Geometric mean, Probability,
In-equations Quadratic and linear equations Harmonic mean, Permutations Combinations,
Algebra, Median, Trigonometry,
Profit & Loss, Mode, Vectors,
Averages, Number Base System, Binomial Expansion,
Partnership (Accounts), BODMAS, Co-ordinate geometry,
Time-Speed-Distance, Mensuration, Logarithm,
Work and time, Alligation & Mixtures, Calendar,
Number system, Work, Maxima & Minima Progression,
HCF & LCM, Pipes and Cisterns, Surds & Indices
Geometric Progression, Set Theory, Complex numbers
  Venn diagram, Etc.

DI And Reasoning for MAT

Data Interpretation based on text, Data Interpretation based on graphs and tables.

Column graphs, Bar Graphs, Line charts, Pie Chart, Graphs representing Area, Venn diagram, etc. Critical reasoning, Visual reasoning, Assumption-Premise-Conclusion, Assertion and reasons, Statements and assumptions, identifying valid inferences , identifying Strong arguments and Weak arguments, Statements and conclusions, Cause and Effect, Identifying Probably true, Probably false, definitely true, definitely false kind of statement, Linear arrangements, Matrix arrangements. Puzzles, Syllogisms, Functions, Family tree – identifying relationship among group of people, Symbol Based problems, Coding and decoding , Sequencing , identifying next number in series, etc.

Verbal Ability

Comprehension of passage (Poems can also come).

Verbal Reasoning, Syllogisms , Contextual usage, Analogies, Antonyms, Fill In the Blanks, Jumbled paragraphs with 4 or 5 sentences, Jumbled paragraphs (6 sentences with first and last fixed), Sentence Correction, Foreign language words used in English, Sentence completion, Sentence correction, odd man out, idioms, one word substitution, Different usage of same word etc.

General Awareness for MAT

Current Affairs, Business, Punch line of companies, Top officials of big companies, Major corporate events

Famous award and prizes

World Records

Books and authors

Science, History, Geography, International organizations

Important quotations

Social issues, Sports, Finance, Automobiles, Entertainment, Politics, etc.