In this article we bring to you the list of MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Score and cutoff of MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Score.

MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Score and Cutoff


The following table illustrates the XAT Cutoff score of MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Score. Very few colleges accepting XAT Score have sectional cutoff. 


Name of College XATCutoff
Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur (XLRI)
  • BM Course – Overall 95 Percentile (70 in VA-LR, 90 in QA and 80 in Decision Making)
  • HRM Course – Overall 90 Percentile (75 in VA-LR, 80 each in QA and Decision Making)
Xavier Institute of Management,  Bhubaneswar – Core MBA Course
  • Core MBA Course (BM) – Overall 93 Percentile (75 in VA-LR, 75 in QA and 75 in Decision Making)
  • HRM Course – Overall 87 Percentile (60 in each section)
  • Rural Management and Sustainability Management – Overall 70 Percentile (50 Percentile in every section)
Goa Institute of Management
  • PGDM (Full time)-Overall 85 Percentile (No Sectionals, but profile is considered along with the score)
  • PGDM(Health Care)– Only profile based admissions
SP Jain Mumbai
  • PGDM
  • PGPM
  • GMP

Overall 85 Percentile (70 in every section, profile is considered along with the score)

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
  • PGDM

Overall 90 Percentile (No Sectionals)

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur and Hyderabad
  • PGDM – Full Time
  • PGDM- Finance
  • PGDM- Marketing

Overall 70 Percentile (No Sectionals)

TAPMI Manipal
  • PGDM– Overall 85 Percentile (No Sectionals)
  • BKFS- Overall 88 Percentile (No Sectionals)
  • HR- Overall 85 Percentile (No Sectionals)

(In case if the experience is greater than 12 months, profile is considered along with the score)

KJ Somaiya, Mumbai
  • PGDM – Overall 85 Percentile
  • PGDM (Retail Management)- Overall 85 Percentile
  • PGDM (International Business)- Overall 85 Percentile
  • PGDM (Communications)-Overall 85 Percentile
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
  • PGPM-Overall 85 Percentile
  • PGDM-Overall 85 Percentile
    (Profile is considered along with the score)
FORE, Delhi
  • PGDM

Overall 80 Percentile (No Sectionals)

Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
  • Full time PGDM Programme

Overall 75 Percentile (No Sectionals)

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai Overall 75 Percentile (No Sectionals)
  • Full Time PGDM
  • PGDM International Business
  • PGDM Insurance Business Management
  • PGDM Retail Management

Overall 70 Percentile (No Sectionals)

XIME Bangalore
  • PGDM

Overall 70 Percentile (No Sectionals)

XISS Ranchi
  • PGDM-Finance
  • PGDM-Marketing

Overall 60 Percentile (No Sectionals)

Alliance School of Business, Bangalore
  • MBA
  • PGDM

Overall 65 Percentile (No Sectionals)

Vanguard Business School, Bangalore
  • MBA

Overall 60 Percentile (No Sectionals)

IFIM Bangalore
  • PGDM
  • PGDM-Finance
  • PGDM-International Business
  • PGDM-Marketing

Overall 60 Percentile (No Sectionals)

BIMM, Pune
  • PGDM

Overall 55 Percentile (No Sectionals)

  • PGPM- Rural

Overall 75 Percentile (No Sectionals)

MICA 50% weightage to XAT Score. Composite score calculated as weighted average of MICAT Score and XAT Score (with 50% weightage of both) – No specific XAT Score cutoff.


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