As you start with the preparation for Group Discussion and Written Ability Test, the instant question that hits every candidates’ mind is, what would be the possible GD topics for MBA? MBA aspirants shortlisted by the top B-schools must be prepared with the hot or most important WAT and GD topics in order to sail through the rounds successfully. GD-PI and WAT are integral part of every MBA admission process. These three are basically a personality assessment test to assess a candidate’s leadership skills, communication ability, and problem-solving skills which are essential to succeed as a good manager. 

The rationale behind this exercise is that when a group of people are given a task to accomplish within an unstructured situation, they will try to accomplish it by establishing some order or a structure. By this process, they will reveal some of their personality characteristics.

While it is a common notion that only current affairs are asked in the Essay Writing and GD topics for MBA admission rounds, it is a myth considering the fact that there has been a predominance of abstract GD topics for MBA admissions as well. However, whether to channelize the discussion or essay on the abstract topic through current affairs or any other subject will depend solely on the candidates.

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GD Topics for MBA

WAT and GD Topics for MBA

Topics B-School
Cultural diversity impedes democratic governance IIM Lucknow
All the decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums IIM Lucknow
The changing role of women actors in Bollywood IIM CAP 
Issues in the Indian Education sector MDI Gurgaon
Sustainable development in India DMS, IIT Delhi
Space research projects are a waste of money IIM Lucknow
Are conventional retail stores competing with the E-commerce market and what can be the possible future? IIM CAP
Have the coaching institutes in India just become a source of business? IIFM Bhopal
Demonetisation DMS, IIT Delhi
India’s diplomatic ties with China IMI Delhi
Can technology help in preventing Money Laundering? Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
Sports and its benefits DMS, IIT Delhi
Development alternatives for the rural economy IIFM Bhopal
Indians are good at being second best but not first MDI Gurgaon
Loose lips sink ships IIM Lucknow
Centralization of Indian Public Sector companies will be a boon IIM Lucknow

As you can observe from the above table, the GD topics for MBA can range from anything and everything and can vary from different sectors of news and information. However, since major weight remains on the current affairs, it is suggested that candidates’ do a run-up for the important and major events across national and international domains over the year.

Other WAT and GD topics for MBA admission rounds

  • GST – Pros and Cons.
  • IIM Bill.
  • The ban on Triple Talaq.
  • How sustainable is the Jio model in Indian Telecom industry?
  • How can banks prevent scams by Neerav Modi and the likes?
  • Nepotism in Bollywood?
  • Is the Start-Up wave in India dying?
  • Should Freedom of Expression have limits?
  • Union Budget 2018.
  • Indo-Pak Ties under threat?
  • Bitcoin.
  • How to deal with inflation?
  • Corruption in politics.
  • Safety of women.
  • India’s space mission.
  • Iran-US Nuclear agreement.
  • Drug abuse in sports.
  • Is India a soft nation?
  • America’s hegemony in world affairs.

Along with preparing for the WAT and GD topics for MBA, candidates should also learn to build an opinion, take a stand and communicate things clearly. The WAT/GD topics for MBA normally require you to take a stand, so they require you to be analytical and argumentative rather than descriptive.

On preparing for WAT and GD topics for MBA, students must try to build their opinion rather than just gathering the facts. For this, the candidates should start reading newspapers on a daily basis, browse through magazines and build on content spanning across legal, political, social, economic and sports domains.

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Key elements for GD/WAT/PI preparation

  1. Knowing the processes for GD/WAT/PI.
  2. Knowing how to conduct yourself during these activities i.e. knowing what to do and what not to do.
  3. Working on the skills that will be tested through various activities.
  4. Practising till you gain confidence and are able to perform well.
  5. Simultaneously enhancing the background knowledge of various areas. It helps one build effective arguments for whatever topic might be given.