Sustainability Management is the topic which was not much talked about till few years ago in India, but it is gearing up and has been gaining attention. Sustainability Management in a corporate world, refers to incorporating social, economic and environmental considerations in your business decisions. Let us have an indepth look at MBA in Sustainability Management, what profiles it has to offer and what is in store after MBA in Sustainability Management.

MBA in Sustainability Management

MBA in Sustainability Management

Role of Sustainability Manager

Few years back, Sustainability Manager was supposed to ensure that the organization meets all the government imposed environment regulations and compliance. But today, the role has increased the gamut of its scope. Now a sustainability Manager is also expected t participate in business decisions to ensure an emphasis on long term goals of the business (involving social and economic impact) and not just decisions being driven by short term goals. 

How does the above help? 

It helps you to identify and avoid future costs associated with unsustainable business practices. It also helps you to plan for changes in consumer expectations and allow the organization to capitalize on emerging areas. 

MBA in Sustainable Management

The course will generally revolve around following areas:

  • Environmental Safety
  • Industrial Equipments Management to reduce their adverse impact on environment
  • Making processes sustainable for longer term with reduced negative impact
  • Environmental and Industry Regulations and Compliance
  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

These days a sustainability manager is embedded in the regular management and is generally held accountable to ensuring reaping value in the form of reputation building, cost savings, and growth opportunities. 

Profiles for MBA in Sustainable Management are offered by a wide gamut of companies: FMCG, Energy, Pharmaceutical and Consulting firms

Scope of MBA in Sustainable Management

There is certainly a very good scope of the specialization. It is a niche specialization to be in, may prevent your entry to orthodox Marketing or Finance roles, but will open up a career path in the territory which is less explored as of now but will have a huge demand in coming up days. 

While this is an upcoming and a bright area to explore, one needs to be highly passionate and excited about the niche domain before pursuing the course, as it limits your opportunities in a certain spectrum.

Colleges offering MBA in Sustainable Management or Similar specializations

  • NITIE Mumbai was probably the first premier institute to begin the course on similar lines, named as Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environment Management.
  • IIM Lucknow has also started a relatively new course named Post Graduate Program in Sustainability Management.

We may see few more institutes starting up the course on similar lines in future. 

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