Micro presentation, also popularly referred to as MP, is a technique of evaluating candidates on the basis of their personality, eligibility or suitability to fit in an MBA programme. This has emerged to be one of the most important criterion presently to secure an admission in MBA Programmes.

This session helps in evaluating and assessing a candidates’ behaviour, participation in groups, the respect they offer to their fellow candidates and the ability to both provide and welcome criticism. This session is particularly held in Christ University, Bangalore.

Students, however, feel rather insecure and nervous before attending this round. This is so because they are at times confused as to how to conduct themselves during Micro Presentation, about the questions asked and how they will handle any unexpected situation which might arise during the session.

Format of a Micro Presentation

A Micro Presentation may be:

  • A brief speech which may or may not employ usage of visual aids like slides, computer graphics or whiteboards with diagrams or lists.
  • The key to nail Micro Presentation is to distill information down to its essence. This includes not wasting too many words and making your point in few words.
  • It is important to remember that you need to maintain the core elements of your presentation or speech, drawing audience attention, explaining a problem/question with clarity and offering simple solutions or results to those problems.
  • Also, a solid conclusion would help summarise your Micro Presentation for the audience. It would also help your key message from the Micro Presentation reach them loud and clear and this would enable them to plan their next step as well.

Academic Uses of Micro Presentations

Referring particularly to the Micro Presentation session at Christ University, Bangalore, candidates willing to secure admission into their MBA Programme are required to give 90-second micro presentations on topics they have chosen from a list that changes annually. The topics, however. are derived from areas like sports, tourism, economics, politics, and propositions such as “strategy determines structure” and “stress increases performance.”

In general, teachers, doctors and lawyers are expected to master this technique of Micro Presentation. Teachers, within their teaching pedagogy have to conduct Micro Teaching sessions, wherein novice educators have to demonstrate or record giving brief presentations over certain topic, which is subsequently viewed by the Principal and top faculty for review and feedback.

Guidelines of Micro Presentation

  • All the candidates are required to participate in the Micro Presentation (Extempore) to test their communication skills and knowledge on the given topics.
  • The Micro Presentation is for 90 seconds per candidate.
  • Each candidate will be asked to pick a topic on a random basis at the Selection Process Venue and present orally on the topic.
  • Candidates will have a chance to present only ONE topic listed. No second chance is given to any candidate.
  • Candidates should not possess any material related to the Topics during the Selection Process
  • Candidates will not be permitted to present any topic in Power Point (PPT) or Video Satellite Phone, Cellular Phone, Pager, Scientific Calculators, Notebook, Textbooks.
  • The decision of the GD/MP Panel will be final and binding.

How are Micro Presentations Conducted

Micro Presentation

  • Micro Presentations are conducted in a group of 8-10 students.
  • A common topic will be provided. During this time period of 15-20 minutes, candidates have to build-up and organise their thoughts on the given topic individually.
  • The Discussion starts after the allotted time is up.
  • The Discussion takes place in front of a judging panel containing important faculty members from the institute the candidate has applied for. These judges will carefully observe and mark the candidates’ on the basis of their performance.
  • Notably, it is totally up to the judges to decide whether the candidates’ performance was up to the mark, and whether the candidate deserves to get selected or rejected.

Micro Presentation Topics (Selection Process: Session 1)

  • A leader is born not made.
  • High profile loan defaulters
  • Plant a tree, save the earth 
  • The farmer protest in the capital
  • India’s # Me too, movement
  • Man-made environmental disasters
  • Effect of fluctuating petrol prices on the common man
  • Democracy in India
  • Proposed bank merger of nationalised banks
  • Are communal playgrounds necessary?
  • Renaming cities 44 Browsing at the workplace affects productivity.
  • Human-animal conflict as in the killing of Avni
  • Do brands rule our lives?
  • Destination weddings 46 Celebrations that unite communities
  • Did note ban affect the farm sector?
  • Reading newspapers should be mandatory
  • Measures to tackle air pollution 48 Measures to stem air pollution in India
  • What the RBI governor’s resignation indicates.
  • The economy one year after GST was introduced.
  • What are GM crops?
  • The 150th birth anniversary of the Mahatma
  • What is climate change? 51 Supreme court ruling on bursting of crackers
  • Impact of ‘Beti bachao, beti padhao‘.
  • 2 years after demonetisation
  • Should rivers be inter-linked?
  • Solutions to end the bloodshed in Kashmir
  • Is Freedom of press important?
  • Kartarpur corridor
  • My career choices were influenced by…
  • Employment opportunities in India
  • The Rafale Deal
  • The big fat Indian wedding
  • Unemployment in India
  • Youth and politics
  • Reconstruction of the state after the Kerala flood
  • What is the minimum support price?
  • Sri Lanka political crisis
  • What is Modicare?
  • The CBI crisis
  • Boosting the tourism industry in India
  • We observe traffic rules by breaking them
  • What freedom means to us Honesty should be taught in school
  • What is Jhan Dhan Yojana?
  • Effect of the fluctuating rupee
  • The UK court ruling on Vijay Mallya’s extradition
  • Should petrol be brought under GST?
  • Expectations of the people for the new RBI governor
  • India’s statue of Unity
  • Knowledge is an asset
  • Government takeover of IL and FS
  • Is patience a virtue in business and management?
  • Reality TV
  • What is trolling?
  • Is reservation necessary?
  • Is hard work necessary for success?
  • What ails the farm sector?
  • Do filmstars make good politicians?
  • Kerala floods: A manmade disaster?
  • Nationalised banks and bad debt
  • India’s test match win in Australia
  • Farmers’ loans and increasing debt
  • Social media and its impact on youth
  • The relevance of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • What is fake news?
  • The PNB fraud
  • What is NPA?
  • Autonomy of RBI
  • The presidency of Donald Trump
  • Winners compare achievements with goals

Tips to survive a Micro Presentation

In a Micro Presentation, one is evaluated for the following skills:

  • Reasoning skill
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Listening skills
  • Out-of-the-box thinking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Analytical/Logical skills
  • Assessment of other skills like Creativity, confidence, subject knowledge, flexibility, adaptability, clarity and overall personality.
  • General awareness; for it is crucial to be updated with news and current affairs so one can answer the aforementioned topics.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Micro Presentation

Do’s of Micro Presentation Dont’s of Micro Presentation
Try to stay calm and maintain your composure throughout the process. Do not overspeak, interrupt or argue.
On a piece of paper, jot down your views regarding the said topic. This would help in organising your thoughts better. Do not dominate, embarrass or distract others.
Always keep your Introduction to the point and under 30 seconds. Do not lose confidence, be shaky or provide irrelevant data and assumptions.
Try to contribute your ideas at least 3-4 times.

Do not start initiatiating a discussion on an unfamiliar topic.

Politely request repetition of the question, in case you fail to grasp the words of the speaker. Remember, less is more. Keep it simple and concise, instead of floundering and stretching the topic unnecessarily.
Speak effectively, efficiently and correctly.
Be a good listener and respect what others have to say.
Maintain a positive body language
Ensure a smooth flow of communication and offer no room for ambiguity.
In case of disagreement, do it politely in a pleasing tone of voice.
Always be the one to summarize and conclude the discussion.

Purpose of a Micro Presentation

  • Besides personal skills, it is also necessary to evaluate candidates’ social skills. This is so because management graduates go on to be inducted into top firms and are hence required to exhibit professionalism, impeccable work ethic, exude confidence, handle stressful situations and maintain a positive body language at all times, irrespective of the situation.
  • MBA Graduates need to become great team fits and demonstrate leadership skills and effective management. They have to interact with a large number of people every day and conduct themselves impressively.
  • Another key factor which marks the importance of Micro presentations in an MBA programme that it helps the institution to choose the best of the best. There are hundreds of applicants for the same programme, and through the process of  Micro presentation, the best candidates are chosen within a matter of 15 minutes or so.

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