MBA PI Preparation: Personal Interview (PI) is the most important part of the final selection process not only for the MBA programmes at IIMs, FMS, IIFT or other top MBA colleges but also in any top-level job. IIMs award the highest weightage to this component in the final selection process in a range from 30 to 50 percent.

The Personal Interview round is conducted by the B-schools, after the first stage of shortlisting on the basis of the written exam. All the top MBA colleges in India including IIMs, XLRI, FMS, SPJIMR, MDI among the others conduct Personal Interview (PI) round as the final selection round for their admission. The PI round is the test of your verbal communication skill, presence of mind and how you present your views and knowledge skillfully to convince the others.

One of the key MBA PI Preparation tips is that immediately after the completion of your written exam, it is necessary to improve your Personal Interview skills and do away with any type of hesitation that you may face during the Personal Interview round. The real test is when you have to face the interview panel for Group Discussion and Personal Interview and that is where your talent is judged.

Personal Interview format could be of different types at different places. However, the Personal Interview format at the IIMs and at the other top B-schools in India means that there are 3-4 panelists who are experts and ask penetrating questions to you on your academics, work experience, current affairs, social issues, about your personality, on technical issues related to your academics and workplace.

Whether it is Personal Interview for freshers or second timers, the Personal Interview format implies personal interaction session of 10 to 20 minutes before the experts. Apart from the one to one personal interaction session of 10-20 minutes, the PI round at B-schools may consist of various other components also. This may include GD, WAT, Extempore speech, Group Interview, group exercise, psychometric tests among the others.

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MBA PI Preparation

MBA PI Preparation

Here’s a list of top 30 questions for MBA PI Preparation:

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Why should we admit you in our college?
  3. Mention your key skills/ greatest strengths?
  4. What is your greatest weakness?
  5. What is your greatest achievement?
  6. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
  7. What are your career goals?
  8. Mention your short-term goals?
  9. What are your long-term goals?
  10. Why do you want to join this B-school?
  11. Why MBA?
  12. What made you choose this particular programme?
  13. What are your hobbies and interests?
  14. Who is your role model?
  15. Why Marketing/ Finance/ Specialization?
  16. Who inspires you?
  17. What is the major difference between a good manager and a good leader?
  18. Why should we admit you?
  19. Walk me through your resume/profile.
  20. What is your biggest failure or challenge?
  21. How will you contribute to the campus if we choose you?
  22. What is your expectation from this MBA programme?
  23. How will you add value to the Institution if chosen?
  24. How do you deal with criticism?
  25. What have you learnt from your failures?
  26. Discuss a situation when you were a leader.
  27. How do you deal with failures?
  28. Where else have you applied? What other calls have you received?
  29. What are the newspaper headings that grabbed your attention?
  30. Do you want to ask or know anything (about the college)?

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MBA PI Preparation: Key Points

  • Introduce yourself in a very brief and a formal way.
  • Limit introduction to entirely yourself. Do not speak about your parents, siblings, and family, unless asked by the interviewer.
  • Give straight and simple answers to the questions asked by the panelists.
  • Answer in small sentences.
  • To the point and precise answers are far better than beating around the bush.
  • Don’t be aggressive or overconfident. And definitely, do not try to impress the panelists by using some cheesy mugged up lines. It won’t work.
  • Dress formally.

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It is a good idea to attend good preparatory sessions for the PI round and also attend mock PI sessions to prepare for the Personal Interview round. Getting in touch with the seniors, alumni of the B-school to know more about the nature of questions and what is expected from the candidate is also a good idea. To be successful in Personal Interview, no doubt, you have to be well prepared for the volley of oncoming questions. These are not the questions that are very tough or out of this world, but your approach to answer them in a witty, positive and subtle manner gives you an edge over your peers.

Every B-school conducts the Personal Interview (PI) round to get the best talent in its classrooms. The Personal Interviews are generally kept healthy, positive and less stressful to make you free, friendly and natural before the experts. Candidates are encouraged to remain what they are. One of the key tips to crack the Personal Interview round is that the further questions arise out of the answers given by you. So it is advisable to be careful while responding to the questions and avoid any sort of bluffing. But as long as you have prepared well for the interview, you will be able to adapt to the situation that they present to you. Just be confident and honest while answering the questions. That’s all that matters!

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