No more do we get surprised when we see some of the private B Schools exploiting the pockets of MBA aspirants. However, considering even the worst of B Schools (read anti aspirants’ pocket, by either tit or tat); they do provide the opportunity to Aspirants to know their result before re applying for a better score or a better PI.

mica injustice

What was the Trend

NMAT by GMAC became the first MBA Exam for admission to B Schools in India to allow students to take the exam multiple times to enable them to improve their scores to strengthen their chances to get into the B Schools of choice. As per the processes involved, GMAC lets the students know their results of an exam taken in a particular window and then decide to go for another shot or not to improve the score. 

Win Win case it was for B Schools and Aspirants

While B Schools obviously got the opportunity to mint more money, it was still a win win situation even for aspirants, because they know their scores and can go for a retake to increase their scores by paying more, which is not unjustified, either at the part of the B School or Aspirants. Need another chance after knowing your current stand, pay more and take the chance. 

But, MICA has opted for injustice to mint money and garner applications

What did MICA do Last Year

Taking clue from other exams which offer multiple opportunities to aspirants, MICA introduced MICAT I and MICAT II – which was a welcome step last year as it allowed students to improve their performance. Students till last year got to know not only their MICAT I Score, or MICAT I performance based GE PI Calls, but Spot Offers as well as merit list was told. However, this some how did not do wonders for MICA in terms of applications.

What MICA is doing This year

However, this year MICA has taken a step with an entirely selfish motive, with high insensitivity towards not only aspirants’ pockets but also towards the emotions with which students prepared for MICAT I. 

With the new regime under new Director taking the charge at office, it is just all money oriented initiatives being taken at MICA. And with this sole aim is to make aspirants apply for the institute twice.

MICA has refrained from letting the students know their performance status of MICAT I and virtually forced each and every student to take MICAT II. Declaring the score of Psychometric and Aptitude Exam was a farce as everyone knows that without knowing the result of Descriptive Test, one can never be sure of getting the call from MICA. 

Argument of not having sufficient time to evaluate all Descriptive Tests is a pure lie. If an institute can do the same last year, and not only this but conduct GEPIs as well as announce results last year, why cannot it even evaluate descriptive tests this year? Or this is just the sheer lack of willingness to do anything which enables students to know their performance status and the cunning strategy to make each and every MICAT I applicant apply again for MICAT II. 

Lack of Clarity across MICA Admissions Team 

Student remembers remained as clueless as anyone else of such insensitive decisions of Management and Faculty driving Admissions. No webinar was ever represented by a person who had clear cut idea of things happening in MICA Admission Process this year and vague answers were given when any aspirant tried to get some clarity on status of result that will be made known after MICAT I. 


Few Questions for MICA Director and Dean Admissions

  1. What makes you play with aspirants’ emotions who took MICAT I with the hope to focus on other exams which are having the same date as that of MICAT II? 
  2. Why do you not want to announce any shortlist based on MICAT I, and keep the students unclear and force all of them to take MICAT II?
  3. How can a reputed institute play this kind of a game and introduce first of its kind cunning strategy to deviate the minds of aspirants from GDPI Preparation and force them to take MICAT II? 

All the emails and questions sent to MICA Director and Dean Admissions sent by Team Career Anna on this issue remain unanswered and no one wants to talk to Team here representing the case of students and injustice which is being done by MICA by not letting know the students decisive status of their MICAT I performance. 

Saying we announced Aptitude marks is like saying, you know who batted first in a cricket match, decide whom to give 2 points without knowing what happened in second innings of the match. 

We request MICA to reconsider their anti aspirants decision, though with an eye on 10,000 applications we doubt that MICA will turn their decision of forcing each and every MICAT I Applicant to apply for MICAT II.

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