MICA Interview Experience: MICA is the only residential institution in India and in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to creating Leaders in Strategic Marketing and Communication. MICA is an institution for Strategic Marketing and Communication skills in India. Established in the year 1991, it is located on the outskirts of the western city of Ahmedabad.

With the announcement of MICAT 2019 Results, candidates are expected to get shortlist calls for MICA Interview and Group Exercise rounds for MICA Admissions 2019-21. MICAT 2019 Admission will be offered on the basis of candidate’s scores in MICAT 2019 GE PI round followed by CAT 2018/XAT 2019/GMAT exams. All those who appear in GE & PI are considered for the final merit list must be recommended by the majority of the panelists of PI.

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MICA Interview

MICA Interview: Expected General Questions

  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • Why engineering (or whatever course that you pursued in your UG)?
  • Why MICA?
  • What made you choose an MBA?
  • What is Marketing?
  • Which is your most favorite advertisement and why?
  • Which is your least favorite advertisement and why?
  • List the courses offered in MICA?
  • What have you done apart from academics in your UG?
  • Your biggest achievement in life.
  • Who inspires you the most?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • Why Advertising/Media (if you talk about ad/media being your passion)?

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MICA Interview Experience

Panelists in MICA Interview Process: 3.
MICA Interview Time Duration: 30-40 minutes.

P1: So, Harsh. Introduce yourself.
C: Started giving him a brief introduction, native, education, activities etc.
P1: Tell me something which is not mentioned in the CV.
C: I consider myself a determined person, I believe that one should always strive hard to pursue his/her passion and not settle for anything. I feel that hard work never goes in vain and I consider failure as the biggest learning opportunity since most of my learning has come from that.
P1: List down 3 failures and your learning or how did you overcome them?
C: Explained 3 failures and learning from the same. Also explained how coming from a vernacular background I wasn’t very confident about my communication skills, but over the time I managed to get a good grasp of it.
P1: So, you’re passionate about Marketing and Communication?
C: Yes
P1: What is Marketing?
C: Explained marketing and a few of its aspects, told how Marketing at its core is about filling the knowledge gap between a seller and a consumer. Explained different marketing campaigns and how companies try to utilize every platform and target their audience.
P1: Do you have other calls?
C: Told about other calls, but explained how MICA is my first priority.
P1: Which is the last place you have been to?
C: Mumbai.
P1: List 3 traits of Marathi and Gujarati and compare them.
C: Gujarati: Hospitality, Honesty and Happy. Marathi: Helpful, would never want to cheat you, Honest, A little less acceptance for outsiders, and a bit short tempered.
P1: Okay Harsh (hands me a pencil). Sell this to me and use any of its attribute except writing.
C: Okay, Good afternoon sir! How are you doing?
P1: Fine!
C: Sir, do you ever feel like itching somewhere on your body but your hands just can’t reach there?
* F1 and F2 bursts into laughter*
P1: Yes.
C: It must be really frustrating right? And it’s a common problem during this season. Now, would you be interested in a product which would completely solve this issue?
P1: Yes!
C: So, I have this pencil with me, roughly 18 cm long and it would help you reach parts on your back which your hands would otherwise find difficult, and you can use it to scratch!
P1: But don’t you think this would cause harm to my skin?
C: Absolutely not, sir! The pencil has graphite and it can easily be washed out with water!
P1: But would it not have germs? Wouldn’t that get on my skin?
C: For that, I will be offering you a box with this pencil and you can keep it inside the box, isolated from the environment.
*Everyone bursts into laughter* M1 and F2 – Nice! That’s good thinking on your feet!
C: Thank you!
P2: So, Harsh! Let’s talk about Gujarat Model of Development!
C: Yes ma’am. The model has a primary focus on the services, infrastructure, and manufacturing sector and it has helped Gujarat develop a lot.
P2: Yeah, that’s all fine and great! But statistics say that 40% of children under the age of 5 are malnourished, is that really a development?
C: Yes, ma’am you are right! I think the government has failed to raise awareness about the issue, there should have been campaigns, especially in the rural area. If a mother does not know that her child is malnourished she wouldn’t be able to do anything about him/her at all!
P2: So, is it just the mother’s responsibility?
C: No, mam both mother and father. 
P2: What do you think about women’s safety in Gujarat?
C: I think women are very safe here, compared to other states. And they enjoy the freedom here.
P2: What do you mean by freedom?
C: By freedom, I mean independence.
P2: Do you know about the incident happened in Una last year?
C: Yes, people tried to overpower Dalits and it received a lot of coverage. But I don’t think that was a huge issue.
P2: Really? I think you need to research about this. What’s your take on the reservation?
C: I think the reservation should be based on the economic condition of the family, just the way it has been made out to OBC in India, if you belong to NC layer, and have the required merit, then you get the reservation. Same should be with SC/ST.
P2: Do you know the percentage of OBC in India?
C: No. But I do know the total reservation given in Gujarat is 49% including SC/ST/OBC.
P2: Yeah that is okay. But what makes you think SC/ST have reached that stage? Have you done any research? Or this is just an assumption you are making?
C: I haven’t done any research but have read a few answers on Quora.
P1: Why do you like skyscrapers?
C: Skyscrapers are humongous! I can just stand and look at them for 10-15 minutes straight! A lot of consistent hard-work goes behind the construction of one such building and it can easily be considered as one of the man-made marvels. Sometimes I can’t even believe that it’s made by people just like us!
P2: Do you realize that it’s not built by people like us, it’s built by those who’d never get to live there and probably are rendered homeless because their land has been acquired?
C: Oh, yeah! That’s an interesting perspective. I’ll definitely think about it.
P1: Okay, Harsh! Thank you.
C: Greets everyone and leaves the room.

MICA Interview is more than just being asked questions by the interviewer and responding to it correctly. It’s the candidates’ opportunity to make a good impression and showcase the ability. Also, the panelists are curious to know how the candidate wants to shape his/her career and how a Management degree will help them in achieving the same. Most of the questions are to check who drives the interview – the candidate or the panel!

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