We bring to you today the list of MICAT Essay Topics 2020 – 21. We all know that you will get three questions in essay writing, where in one you have to write for the topic, in one against the topic and in the third question, as a critic review. We will again update this article in mid January 2021.

MICAT Essay Topics 2020 – 21

Let us have a look at some of the probable Essay Topics so far.

  • Impact of Covid 19 on Indian economy
  • Accessibility of Covid vaccine to all – dream or a possibility
  • Role of international relations in accessing covid vaccine
  • India managed covid 19 well – Agree or Disagree
  • Work from Home will be a new normal even after covid – yes or no
  • OTT content needs a stringent censorship 
  • Impact of short video applications on Indian young generation
  • Role of HR managers in managing workforce from home
  • Ban of Chinese apps – was it justified
  • India Not to become USD 5 Tn economy
  • Bank Mergers will cause economy collapse
  • Is Aatmanirbhar bharat a possibility?
  • Can indian consumers ever go vocal for local?
  • Artificial Intelligence is an evil in disguise – will take away jobs
  • Individual freedom is a myth in India’s civil society
  • Financial inclusivity is a myth unless Technology reach is inclusive
  • Sex education is the only way to remove teenage pregnancy
  • Use of animals for research purposes is justified
  • Political campaigns on social media channels are all fake content to mislead voters
  • Media and movies have influenced the perception of female body image
  • Violent video games directly correlate to violence in schools
  • Women empowerment is hollow if gender bias continues in society
  • Law amendment is not enough to curb crime against women
  • Art and Artists cannot be excluded when it comes to isolation of rival countries
  • Industrial Development and Ease of Business is more important than Climate Change control
  • Data Security is a myth in the days of Whats app and Facebook

More topics will be published in due course.

Wish you all good luck and hope you are not missing at the Advantage of MICAT Comprehensive Course

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