After bringing to you MICAT Creative Writing Tips, today we bring to you MICAT Essay Writing Tips and Tricks to score high, by your own Creative Writing Expert Ayesha. Without any further delay, let us see what Ayesha has to share (an interactive first person account) with you all about MICAT Essay Writing. 

MICAT Essay Writing

Now that we are done with story writing section, time to focus on the Essay Writing part in Descriptive Section for MICAT. Here are the points to keep in mind to sail through!


• Read! Read! And then Read some more. The broader your spectrum of reading, the better prepared you are with whichever topic is given to you.


• Contrary to popular opinion, You cannot leave it to mere chance! “Oh if the topic is of my forte, il nail it!” That really isn’t the right strategy. Also, your coaching class or online mentors could provide you with a horde of topics that COULD be asked, sure, but there’s absolutely no surety. The only thing that guarantees your performance in essay is how smart, aware and well read you are. Look inside your own head. Read The Hindu, Mint, Economic Times. KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD. 


• Most important advice which aspirants take lightly, but shouldn’t is this – HAVE A DAMN OPINION. About anything and everything. And not just a biased opinion, but know both the sides of the story, irrespective of your subjective opinion of the same.


• You will be writing the For, Against, and your own opinion about the given topic. So be prepared with an objective set of mind since now. Learn how to write valid points against a statement, even when you’re a devout supporter of the same.


• Use facts, figures, numbers, or reference reports to make your essay more credible. You cannot randomly “faf” your way through an argument with you own feelings. It’s an essay. Essays are based on facts and opinions that are backed by reality.


• Identify the raging topic which is in trend, and read around it. How? You may ask. Here’s how. When you look around the newspaper or those clickbait websites which post random articles, what’s the logical things you see around? You may hear a lot of times when people are mentioning DACA, so go read that up. Rohingya crisis? Go read that up. Read the history. Have an opinion about it. Elon musk has been talking about Artificial intelligence taking jobs? So go read that up. It’s not that hard to be well aware.


• Do not drown yourself in over confidence. If you think you are well read and have a good vocabulary? Great. Go read up some more. “Oh this is a cakewalk for me. I’m going to nail this. Don’t need to prepare” is the worst approach you can adopt at this point for an unpredictable examination like MICAT. 


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