After bringing to you MICAT Creative Writing Tips  and MICAT Essay Writing Tips, today we bring to you pointers for MICAT GK Preparation Without any further delay, let us see what Ayesha has to share (an interactive first person account) with you all about MICAT GK Preparation.

MICAT GK Preparation

MICAT GK Preparation is what baffles most of the aspirants. There is no method to crack an answer except for memory and logic. You cannot apply a formula to a GK questions and come to an answer. You either know the right answer, or you can make a wild but very logical guess (through elimination method). There is no other way to go about this section, in all honesty.
Here are some of the suggestions which can help you prepare better for the GK section.


• First of all, MICAT doesn’t ask static GK, or historical questions, so you do not have to pull your hair out trying to learn static GK.


• If you have been a fairly aware person all your childhood and adulthood till now, you’ll have a fair chance at knowing the things.


• Do you know who owns the brand, who’s biscuit you eat every morning? Do you know who manufactures the sunscreen lotion you use in summers? Do you know which creative agency made that viral ad you see on the television so often lately? Do you know the taglines of very famous brands? Do you know who acquired a famous startup lately? You get the hang of it, don’t you? That’s essentially what MICAT GK section is like.


• Allow me to introduce you to your new best friends if you want to crack MICAT- Afaqs, Campaign India, Kulzy, Mad Over Marketing and Exchange4Media. Read these sources religiously. Spend time on productive things like them on the internet and not just scrolling through memes on Facebook.


•  These questions in GK are going to be a mix of current affairs, raging issues, business news, marketing news, advertising agency questions, global brands, social media awareness, taglines of famous brands, etc.


• Essentially, anyone who is genuinely interested in marketing, branding and marketing communications as a subject would be well versed or thorough with most of the questions.


• In case you’re a Career Anna student, do not fret and you must have gone through the ebooks provided and 70% questions in the last MICAT 1 and MICAT 2 were asked from the same ebook. It’s a comprehensive Ebook and you wouldn’t need to read any more than that.


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