NITIE Interview Experience: Candidates who obtain minimum cutoff marks and secure a place in the merit list are eligible to participate in the subsequent selection rounds of GD and NITIE Interview. The admission process at NITIE is comprised of Group Discussion (GD) followed by a Personal Interview (PI). Post completion of all the selection rounds, the final result containing the names of selected candidates will be released in the official website. On the basis of the merit list, candidates will be offered admissions at NITIE.

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NITIE Interview Experience

NITIE Interview: Group Discussion

Duration: 19-20 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-13

NITIE Interview: GD Topics

  • Ease of Doing Business: Is it a Reality or Dream in India?
  • Indians are not conscious about quality.
  • Is India’s Foreign policy pro-US?
  • Should Public sector be privatized?
  • Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  • Do we really need Smart Cities?
  • Should tablets replace textbooks?
  • PSUs are white elephants.
  • Do films create a social evil?
  • India’s growth engine: Manufacturing or Services?
  • Whistle Blowers are disloyal agents.
  • Is inclusive development a myth in India?
  • Should organizations hire for attitude and then train for skills.
  • Censoring of Media.
  • Capitalism vs Socialism.
  • Can Indian Brands become Global?
  • Do India’s youth have enough role models?
  • Should elite B-schools be made completely autonomous?
  • Is Intelligence more important than integrity?
  • The role of NGOs in environment preservation.
  • Should MBA colleges in India stop placements all together and Encourage Entrepreneurship?
  • Do we need to preserve the Indian Culture?
  • If winning is not everything then what is it all about?

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NITIE Interview 1

NITIE Interview Duration: 15-20 Minutes

Panelists at NITIE Interview: 2

P1: Tell us about yourself

C: I patiently spoke what I had thoroughly prepared, and which I was speaking from my last 5 interviews.

P1: Tell us about your work experience at Tata Technologies.

C: I explained what my company does, about my project, my clients. The senior professor seemed impressed by hearing the word Jaguar Land Rover. He asked what else I did for JLR. I politely answered about the only project I did for them. It was more about me. They seemed quite satisfied. My answer was structured and well prepared. I chronologically answered all the events and then explained my role in it.

P1: What all calls do you have and why do you want to join?

C: NITIE was the best call I had. I told them that I would rank NITIE on the top. I cited examples of my undergraduate friends who were students of NITIE that they motivated me to join the college. Then I answered about its reputation for being the Mecca of Supply Chain, its alumni base, its love with the FMCGs, and the Mumbai advantage.

P1: NITIE is not like other b-schools. Here, the institute will make you a techno manager, don’t you think you should try in some other b-school?

C: Again the same question but I answered the question “Why operations” for this. I linked it with NITIE being well known for operations. The reason I gave was that this will be an added advantage and make it different from the other b-schools. Here, I will learn both the skills of being a manager as well as hone my engineering skills. 

P2: What do you do in your leisure time?

C: Reading is my hobby. I recently finished reading “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith and “Palace of Illusions” by Chitra Divakurni Banerjee. The Wealth of Nations caught the attention of the economics professor but he didn’t ask anything and kept gazing at my folder.

P2: What will you bring to NITIE?

C: This was the most difficult question. I answered my USP in this. I am hardworking and dedicated. Cited examples for all of them.

P1: Why does the car manufacturer make similar cars, why do sedan and hatchback look same from the front?

C: I answered that due to ease of manufacturing, most of the parts of the vehicle are kept the same. He nodded and said its a huge assignment and there are numerous reasons. Finally, the interview concluded and I felt a positive vibe.

NITIE Interview 2

NITIE Interview Duration: 15-20 Minutes

Panelists at NITIE Interview: 2

P1: Introduce yourself.

C: Gave a brief introduction mentioning Academics, Extracurricular achievements etc.

P1: You have pursued Urban Planning from CoEP (College of Engineering, Pune).

C: Yes Sir.

P1: Tell us more about it, the placement and its relation with the Smart City Mission.

C: Planning includes some part of civil and some of the architecture. Being at COEP has good placement scope but self-interest in this field is important as the job for this branch is mostly field work and not office work!

P2: Where are you currently working? What is your job role?

C: I explained where I work, what my company does, about my project, my clients.

P1: What is SCM (Supply Chain Management) in Real Estate?

C: Supply Chain Management for Real Estate is the coordination of people, properties, processes, vendors, information and resources to deliver the products or services to the end ultimate customer. The SCM involves managing complete activities for buying, selling or renting land, buildings or housing.

P2: What do you know about PGDISEM program?

C: PGDISEM is a sustainability-based program and focuses on a People Planet and Profit approach. The PGDISEM curriculum encompasses both managerial and technical perspectives. It introduces students to a systemic approach for the evaluation of environmental, social and economic impacts.

P2: What do you do in your leisure time?

C: Reading is my hobby. To name a few of my favorite authors, Sudha Murthy, Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho.

P1: Anything else you would like to tell apart from what’s mentioned in the form?

C: No Mam, Thank you.

P1: You may leave now. Thank you.

NITIE Interview is more than just asking questions and responding to it correctly. It’s the candidates’ opportunity to make a good impression and showcase their ability. Also, the panelists are curious to know how the candidate wants to shape his/her career and how a Management degree will be helpful for them in achieving the same. Most of the questions are to check who drives the entire interview – the candidate or the panelists!

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