Taking our B School comparison series ahead, today we bring to you the clash of two institutes which again form a close call for MBA aspirants and are based out of Mumbai and Gurgaon – NITIE Mumbai vs MDI Gurgaon.

NITIE Mumbai vs MDI Gurgaon


Nothing significant to select when it comes to the location, Mumbai just brings a very slight advantage over Gurgaon as a strategic location. However, nothing very significant.

Batch Strength

Similar batch strength and hence nothing much to differentiate here as well. And that makes it much more exciting to compare these two institutes.

Faculty Strength

Another parameter goes without creating any significant difference between these two institutes, with both the colleges having a similar faculty strength as well. This leads to a similar student:faculty ratio as well.


Finally comes a parameter which differentiates two institutes. Fee at MDI is almost 50% higher than the fee at NITIE. This makes NITIE Mumbai a more attractive preference over MDI Gurgaon from financials perspective.

Detailed Placements Comparison

With fee being only the differentiating factor between NITIE Mumbai and MDI Gurgaon so far, let us now have a look at the Detailed Placement Comparison of NITIE Mumbai vs MDI Gurgaon.



Career Anna Recommendations

For Finance and Marketing:
Join MDI Gurgaon over NITIE Mumbai
, if sure about making a career in Marketing or Finance.

For Supply Chain, Consulting and IT: Join NITIE Mumbai over MDI Gurgaon.

For Supply Chain, NITIE Mumbai is a very obvious choice.

For Consulting and IT, similar companies visit both the campuses offering similar profiles – hence no point in going for a college with higher fee.

For HR: Join MDI Gurgaon

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