NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips: NMAT by GMAC is a National level MBA entrance exam conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). NMAT by GMAC is a mandatory entrance test for MBA admission to NMIMS Mumbai and its other campuses as well as 20 other MBA colleges across India. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Management Aptitude Test (NMAT) was acquired by Graduate Management Admission Council in the year 2015 and therefore, NMAT has been renamed as NMAT by GMAC. The popularity of NMAT by GMAC is growing year after year and during the last few years, the number of NMAT by GMAC exam takers has gone up to 88,000. 

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NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips

NMAT Exam Pattern: Salient Features

  • Online CBT: NMAT is an online computer-based test.
  • MCQ format: All the questions in the NMAT exam are of Multiple Choice type (MCQs).
  • 120 questions: NMAT exam consists of 120 questions divided into 3 sections.
  • Time Duration: The total time allotted in the NMAT exam is 120 minutes (2 hours) to attempt the complete test.
  • Individually timed sections: In the revised NMAT exam pattern, each of the three sections in current NMAT pattern is individually timed and the candidates have to attempt the questions in the respective section within the allotted sectional time limit.
  • No negative marking: The NMAT exam is without any penalty of negative marking. 
  • Moderate difficulty exam: The difficulty level is moderate in NMAT exam as compared to IIMs-CAT and XLRI-XAT exams.
  • Uniform marking scheme: Another important feature of the NMAT exam is uniform marking system. Each right answer carries +1 mark and there is zero marking for the unattended question.
  • Facility to review answers: As per the NMAT Exam pattern, the NMAT candidates must review answers of each section within the allotted time before moving to another section of the exam, as once the candidate closes out of a section, he/she cannot come back to the section.
  • 3 Attempts allowed:  This is the biggest benefit of the NMAT exam pattern. Candidates can take the NMAT by GMAC three times in a given admissions cycle. This gives the candidates an opportunity to improve their score.
  • Choice of Self-scheduling NMAT: One of the few national exams which offers the liberty to choose test appointment date, time and test center location. 

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Key Preparation Strategies

  • Smart Preparation: Hard work always pays, but efforts in the right direction with the right approach at the right time never turns into waste. So start your preparation in a smarter way as soon as possible.
  • Practice Mock Tests: ‘More Practice, More Marks.’ This strategy turns out to be fruitful for every candidate. Solving papers and giving mock tests helps in realizing the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Study Material: Quality study material plays a very important role in preparation for exams. Referring many books may create confusion in the mind but you can refer to any good book which has good basic concepts in it.
  • Practice Short Tricks: Solving questions with long methods, consumes a lot of time. Short tricks saves a lot of time. To have a good command over short tricks, practice is a must.
  • Strengthen your Basics: Identify your strengths and weaknesses by taking mocks. Polish your strengths and work hard on weaknesses. It is very important to be thorough with the syllabus and practice accordingly.
  • Self-made Notes: Whether the section is English, Logical Reasoning or Quantitative Aptitude, self-made notes are very helpful during the revision. These notes help in fast grasping the formulae and the concepts.
  • Time Management: Time is precious, use it wisely is an idiom which perfectly expresses the significance of time management for all the NMAT aspirants. Time management is the crucial aspect in every management exam. Poor time management can either result in poor preparation or unattempted questions during exams that can seriously hamper the overall score. Keeping this in mind, it is vital that MBA aspirants learn time management skills to manage time effectively before and during the exam, to ace the exam. 

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NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips: Language Skills

  • Syllabus for NMAT exam on Language Skills is well defined. There will be 32 questions in this section. Candidates need to attempt this section in 22 minutes.
  • Language Skills syllabus for NMAT exam will have questions on all three major areas of English: vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.
  • Manage time carefully. Candidates can have an average of 40 seconds per question, but while attempting Reading Comprehension questions candidates might require more time. They should target attempting the rest of the questions in 30 seconds each, which will give you around 10-11 minutes to attempt the 7-8 Reading Comprehension questions that will appear in the exam.
  • Candidates should improve their Reading Comprehension as well as Vocabulary. To cover this, start reading well-written books, or newspaper, every day. Ensure special attention to the editorial section of the newspapers as it has the most enriching vocabulary.
  • Improve vocabulary skills and write down any new word you come across while reading the newspaper and go through it every day. Learn the word usage. 

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NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips: Logical Reasoning

  • There will be 40 questions in the Logical Reasoning section. Candidates need to attempt them in 38 minutes so that they can have about 1 minute to solve each question.
  • Candidates need to cover the NMAT exam syllabus on two areas of Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning.
  • While attempting the questions, do not assume or use any information that is not provided in the question.
  • Candidates should pay special attention to words like ‘all’, ‘some’ or ‘none’ when you read the factual information provided in each question. Besides, other words like ‘other than’, ‘only’ or ‘unless’ are also equally important. These words can play an important role in specifying the given facts.
  • Please note that Logical Reasoning skills cannot be developed overnight, so make sure to spend sufficient time in covering different topics as in the NMAT exam syllabus and practice variety of questions while attempting the Logical Reasoning questions and analyze your mistakes. 

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NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips: Quantitative Skills

  • There will be around 48 questions in this section. The questions are to be solved in 60 minutes.
  • NMAT 2019 Syllabus and Exam Pattern for Quantitative Skills covers all the topics in Mathematics.
  • One of the important points to note in the NMAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern in Quantitative skills section is that the section contains questions not only on Quant but also on Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.
  • Number system, Algebra, Mensuration, Geometry are the prominent topics covered in the NMAT syllabus. 
  • Strengthen the basics. Practice a lot. Practice is the key to crack this section.

Be confident and stay motivated. This is the most important factor for the candidates who are preparing on their own. Believe in your own abilities. Stay calm, prepare well, work on developing the ability to grasp and apply concepts in different scenarios. Know your limitations and work on them. Remember that it is a difficult path that leads you to a better future. Start your preparation with sheer determination. Whenever you feel demotivated, dream about the day when you will crack the exam and it will definitely motivate you.