On popular demand, we started this series of One Word Substitution. After bringing to you One Words Starting from A, Starting from B , Starting from C, Starting from D and today we bring to you One Word Substitution Starting from D.

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One Word Substitution Starting from E

Ebullient Situated on the abdominal side.
Eccentric That which is not placed centrally.
Ecclisiologist One who studies the science relating to the church.
Eclectic Persons with unusual or odd personality.
Eclogue A pastoral poem.
Ecology Study of plants or of animal or of people or of institutions in relation to environment.
Edible That which is fit to be eaten.
Effiminate A person who is a womanish in his habit.
Egoism Speaking too much of one self.
Egoist One who speaks using I and me always.
Elastic One which rescemes its normal shape and size after the stress is releases.
Electrometer Instrument used for measuring electricity.
Elegiac Expressing sorrow or lamentation.
Elegy A lament for the dead.
Elixir Not clerical.
Ellipsis The ommission from a sentence of a work or words that would comple the construction.
Elymology Science relating to the formation and development of words.
Elymology Which discribes the birth of a particular word.
Embeyyle Divert money fraudulently to one’s own use.
Emeritus Honourably discharged from service.
Emetic Inducing vomiting – something that induces vomiting.
Emollient Soothing to living tissue.
Empericism Belief based on experience or observation.
Encomuim Formal expression of high praise – eulogy.
Encroach Make inroads on others property.
Endemic A disease which becomes prevalent in a particular area on account of its surroundings conditions.
Enduring Long lasting.
Enjoin Direct or order someone to do something.
Enthologist One who studies the science of the variatees of human race.
Entomologist One who studies about insects.
Ephemeral Transitory – short lived – lasting a very short time.
Epicentre (Of Earch Quack) is the point at which earthquake breakout.
Epicure A person who is very fond of sensous enjoyments.
Epicure One who prefers pleasures in eating and drinking
Epidemic A disease which attackes many people in a particular area in one time.
Epilogue A short speech at the end.
Epiphangi An appearance or manifestation.
Equanimity Evenness of mind or temper.
Equine Of horses – horselike – a horse.
Equinox When days and nights are equal (March21 – September).
Esoteric Known only a few – Reconcile.
Estivate Spend a hot or dry period in a prolonged state of torpor or dormancy.
Estuary A broad channel formed by joining of the sea and river water.
Ethologist One who studies the science of character.
Etymologist One who studies derivations of words – history of linguistic change.
Eulogy Speech or writing that praises – High praise – Encomium.
Euphimism Soften expression.
Euphony Melodious Music
Euphony Pleasant sound.
Euthanasia Mercy killing painless death to relieve suffering.
Euthenics Science of improving the environment.
Exaggerate Describe a thing beyond limits of truth.
Exasphere This is a outer most zone of the atmosphere and beings at about 40 miles above earth.
Exbiology Science dealing with life or possibilities of life existing beyond the earth.
Exegesis Critical explanation or interpretation.
Exemplary serving as desirable role model
Exercism Slogan to derive or get out of the dragon.
Exodus Departure – Emigration (Usually of a large number of people).
Exonerate Free from blame – Exculpate.
Explicit Fully and clearly expressed.
Extinguish To put an end to.
Etymologist One who studies the science of origin of words

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