On popular demand we bring to you in this article PGDBA Interview Experience and How to Prepare for PGDBA Interview based on past interview trends. You can prepare with us for PGDBA Interview HERE.

PGDBA Interview Experience

Experience 1

Panel: Tell us something about yourself
Me: Said Something… No direct follow up question from what I said
Then they gave me a simple algebraic expression and asked me to simplify it. I did it. Then they gave me some Average problem, which I did.
Panel: What was your role at Evalueserve?
Me: Said something…
Panel: What is your role at Oracle?
Me: Said something about financial benefit models which I used to prepare
Panel: Draw Gaussian curve
Me: Sorry Sir, I did it 5-6 years back, I don’t remember
Panel: Did you take up any course in statistics in engineering?
Me: No specific course in statistics, just the usual stuff that we have to study
Panel: Have you used statistics or anything related to analytics in your job?
Me: No Sir, my job was more qualitative in nature.
Panel: Then, what do you know about statistics?
Me: I know Mathematics and stuff like probability.
Panel: What do you know in probability?
Me: BayesTheorem
Panel: Write the formula of Bayes theorem.
Me: I don’t know the formula, I can derive it right now (using the method I have studied in class 12)
Pane: Okay, do it.
Me: Did it and explained it
Panel (one member): You have used two assumptions in this. Can you state those?
Me: I thought for few seconds and told them.
Panel: Very good. You can leave.

Experience 2

B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering; International Chess Player

“I introduced myself as a chess player. And the first thing that followed was why I wanted to pursue Analytics, being a chess player. I said, I wanted to make an impact, also decision making plays a big role in analytics thus being a chess player gives me the apt mindset in the field. I gave real-life examples where I used chess playing skills and also highlighted my enthusiasm towards chess by describing how I view situations as a chessboard and how I involve members as pieces playing the game. The panelists gave me new situations to test my viewpoint by letting me turn the interview into a game of chess where the panelists and I were pieces on the board. I took up the problem and described various strategies that I had at my disposal. I spoke at length about the best strategy that I would deploy to win the game. They also asked about the factors which led me to pursue analytics like my placement in an analytics company and why I wanted to complete postgraduate studies. To this I replied, doing it now would help me save time and gain an early advantage which will be very valuable in the long run. My interview was relatively short compared to other candidates.”

Experience 3

a mechanical engineer with 2.5 years of manufacturing experience

“I steered my interview with my introduction towards my college project at USA and my job profile description. The questions covered as to how I could apply data analytics to these projects and how other projects such as six sigma projects are related to analytics. Among technical questions, most of them were based on geometry and also tested my creativity and open mindedness. I had applied through GATE and was oriented towards aerodynamics so I mentioned why I wanted to pursue an analytics career and implement analytics in aerodynamics sector. I highlighted my orientation with awards (NASA system engineering award-1st prize) and description of college project. Even though most of the other candidates had 15 minute interviews that day, mine was a lengthy 35 minute one.”

Unmissable Areas to Prepare for PGDBA Interview

  • Why a career in Business Analytics
  • Statistics and its uses
  • Probability Theorems and applications
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Linear Algebra
  • Functions
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Questions on your Engineering Final Year Project and Core branch related questions
  • Data Mining (if have worked on it / CS or IT Engineer)

You can prepare with us for PGDBA Interview HERE.