On popular demand and in our continuous endeavor to help the wonderful MBA Aspirants community out there, today we bring to you the Pointers to Fill SP Jain Mumbai Application Form. Reason being Application Form holds a key role in the selection process for SPJIMR Mumbai. 

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Pointers to Fill SP Jain Mumbai Application Form

We will be taking the article ahead in the form of Frequently Asked Questions by the SPJIMR Applicants. 

Which Specialization should i opt for? 

Specialization holds a very key role in the selection process for SPJIMR. 

Your entire first group interview at SPJIMR will be based around the specialization you have applied for and on your clarity about it. So, do ensure that the specialization you are filling is the one:

1. You will love to do your MBA in.

2. You will be able to justify your interest for the respective specialization.

3. You have a profile which goes in sync with the specialization. 

How about Achievements Column? 

Broadly, achievements may be divided into three categories:

1. Academic – Being topper / in top 1-5% / Olympiads / NTSE / Scholarships come under this category. 

2. Co-curricular – Debates / Essay Writings / Poem writing / Quizzes / Professional Certifications / Weekend projects etc. come under this category

3. Extra curricular – College Fests / Editorial Bodies / NGOs / Internships etc. come under this category 

4. For people with work experience, one may add professional achievements as well.

What to fill in Versatility? 

Versatility is not something talking monotonously about what you do in just one field. Versatility column intends to know the varied type of activities you have been involved in. 

Sports / Singing / Dancing / Mimicry / Dramatist / Author / Startup guy (even if it was a not so successful one) / etc. come here – Try to cover varied 5 points rather than 5 points only from one head here. 

What is the method for calculating the percentage for HSC / SSC / Bachelors / Masters?

The percentage should be computed after taking into account all subjects/papers that you have appeared for in the examinations even if some of these subjects/papers are not considered by the Board/University/Institute for computing the final percentage of marks and awarding class/distinction.

Letter grades or grade points should be converted to percentage of marks. If your Board/University/Institute does not provide a formula for converting grade points to percentage, then divide your grade point by the maximum of the scale and multiply it by 100 to get the percentage. For example, if your grade point is 3 on a 4-point scale, the equivalent percentage of marks will be ¾ x 100 = 75.0%.

If you have acquired more than one degree either at bachelor’s, master’s or professional course levels, choose only one of these degrees for entering the percentage of marks.

Scores Accepted and Cutoff Score

SPJIMR Mumbai accepts CAT/XAT/GMAT Score. 

For XAT and CAT, overall cutoff will be 85 percentile and sectional cutoff will be 80 percentile for all the sections. This score makes you eligible for SPJIMR post which your overall profile will come into play. People have got the admits even at 85 percentile to SPJIMR and have not been able to make the cut even at 99.9 percentile.

Feel free to ask any more questions to us through comments – we will answer them and if required, append in this article.